31 July 2008

{patriotic inspiration}

Forwards. Hmm. I definitely don't "love" them. I'm not trying to say this, so that all of you that do send me forwards will stop. No. I'm just saying this because it's true. It's a fact and instead of always handing everyone ice cream cones* I think it better to say it as it is. But, yes, back to forwards. Sometimes - there actually can be inspirational things that are revealed through the mass of dancing animals, purring cats, lengthy poems, and do this or don't be blessed hysteria.** Sometimes, forwards can inspire. And so, though I'm a loather of fowards, I am about to join the game and pass something on.***I don't know if was just me and my husband, but look again at that flag! It looked real to me at first - not just painted! The detailing is incredible.
You may have seen this before. I think I got an email with this about 5 or 6 years ago...but, after seeing it again in a forward tonight (that my husband was showing me), I thought it was worth mentioning again. The artist :: Ray "Bubba" Sorensen is from Iowa. This rock stood as an entrance to a rock querry. It was a local fave spot for graffiti; however after Bubba saw Saving Private Ryan in 1999, he thought of making a tribute to our troops. He started with a flag and added pieces on every Memorial Day that followed (essentially changing the majority of the look). The pictures above are what the rock looked like in 2003. To see the different transformations from 1999 - 2008 you would be amazed! It seems like every year he changes the rock quick drastically. You can see an annual photo journal here!
As an effort to shorten this as much as possible and not be to sappy, I say only this :: It's nice to see someone creating something honoring to our country. I know this was painting was started a while back, but in the hype of "anti-everything" right now, it's nice to see this rock honor this great nation (and the men & women that vow to honor it daily), instead of having it filled with dissappointed graffiti, showing complete distain for our gov't.
Serious post today. Settle down.
*ice cream cone :: idea -- handing someone a "verbal" ice cream cone, is to fill their head/ego with either falsehoods; likely things they just want to hear. This can even pertain to compliments. (It may be widely used, but I'm just not, I'm filling you in.)
**DON'T be offended. Get over it. Most forwards are filled with dancing animals, singing plants, purring cats, do this or die, do this or don't be blessed messages. It's just the honest truth. So, let's not pretend here folks.
***Notice my words changed from not "loving" to loathing by the end of the first paragraph. Annoyance was building. However, don't worry - I do read some of the forwards sent to me. I don't freak out at them. I promise (and no, I'm not handing you an ice cream cone).


Willow said...

WOW....that totally looks like a real flag (esp. in the first pic). I think it is awesome when someone takes something that is negative and makes it positive!

I loved the "ice cream cone" analogy. HMMMM, I may have to steal that one of these days!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing that! I was very impressed with the artwork and how he has turned that into something that is honoring our country. That's awesome!

I might turn that into a post myself! :)

michaela said...

ohh boy!
i could not agree with you more.
it seems as though the vast majority of our country [[especially the youth about my age]] have completely forgotten about what our country has gone through for our nation to have all of the privileges that we do.
it really saddens me that it seems everyone my age has completely forgotten about everything, including 9/11. how could people forget something so devastating that happened in our lifetime?
i pray for our troops every night, and it is very refreshing to see this forward :]
love always, your niece,

naphtali said...

W - I totally agree! It took me a minute to realize it was a painting. And you can totally use the ice cream cone analogy! I think I got it from my uncle...but in all honesty, I say it all the time, so I'm not sure.

naphtali said...

Thanks Rebecca - it is amazing to see the talent out there!

naphtali said...

Michaela!! Good to hear from you! It saddens me too, but I love that there are people out there promoting positive things! Love you sweetie.


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