22 July 2008

{tuesday's top!}

{this week's 'old' movie favorite...}


Need I say more? After our fun weekend at the Air Expo, who couldn't resist watching Top Gun. Sunday night seemed a perfect time. Even the opening music thrust me back into a complete state of rememberance of just how wonderful this film is. A true classic.

This wins my "old favorite movie of the week" award. (My last award went to Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken).

"Talk to me Goose."


::{J}:: said...

I love this movie! I used to watch it when I was younger & had such a cruch on Tom Cruise...needless to say that's long gone, but still a good one!

Willow said...

Absolutely one of my favorites....without a doubt!! When I was in college, we all went to Pullman to watch it on the Big Screen. It was packed. Everybody was reciting and singing all the words. Sooooo fun. I think this is a fave among many people!! It's a classic.

.:meagan.rae:. said...

i've never seen this movie...

can we still be friends?!


Beese-a-roni said...

T LOVES this movie. Of course!!

Love you, Naphie! :) (Had to throw in the IE.)

naphtali said...

{j} - i was in the same boat. good thing that ended though! he's well, interesting. lol.

naphtali said...

W- I love when movie watchers all get into it together! haha - nothing brings a crowd together more quickly at a film, than remembering classic songs! Definitely an "American" fave!

naphtali said...

.:m:. - seriously? ok. 1) go on line. 2)buy a plane ticket to me. 3)stay at my house. 4)watch Top Gun. 5)be amazed that you went your whole life w/out seeing this classic film. 6)thank me.

:) and yes...we're still friends. i would even say "sissies".

naphtali said...

Beese - I can imagine that T loves it! i'm sure you crush a little on the film too. be honest new york cheesecake. much love from poppy seed! naphtalie

oh - and p.s. Pippy says that Cody got hair extenstions.

Kirsten said...

Of Course Meagy hasnt seen this movie! hehe. To be honest its been so long that I cant even remember the story line. Must be a renter soon!

NY Cheesecake Beese said...

Omg...I was LOVING your comment..That was sooo funny. Yowza.

Cody was walking, and Pipi passed her, on her bike.


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