29 July 2008

{tuesday's top!}

This week's "old favorite movie" award goes to FOOTLOOSE.This 1984 film got people dancing...or wishing they could dance at least. I loved this movie growing up. I was not even in school when it was released, but I saw lots of this movie as I got older. Though I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin Bacon (I know, I know. Settle down), I thought he was brillant in this movie! The music is classic too.
interesting facts:
*This movie was loosely based on a small farming town in Oklahoma (Elmore City) where dancing had been banned for almost 90 years! It wasn't until a group of high school teens challenged it in 1978, that things changed.
*Dianne Wiest who plays Ariel's mom, Vi, is only 9 years older than Lori Singer (Ariel).
little errors:
There were many little errors in the film (like in most), but these are a few I thought I would highlight:

*Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Ren and Willard are driving away from the gas station (before they're pulled over by the police), you can see one of their heads in the rear view mirror. They're having a conversation, but their lips never move.
*Continuity: When they play "chicken" with the tractors, the red tractor rolls to its left, away from the canal. The next shot shows the tractor upside down and by the canal.
*Continuity: When Ren is dancing in the factory and is swinging on the high bar-type pole, he is wearing gloves. During the rest of the sequence he is bare-handed.
*Audio/visual unsynchronized: Directly after Vi, Ariel's mother, says "Elenore, sit down!" in the city counsel scene, the camera turns to Ariel. Next to Ariel, a student is clapping his hands, but all sound has been dubbed out the shot.
*Continuity: When Ren and Ariel kiss for the first time, their arms switch positions numerous times between shots.
*Errors in geography: The film takes place in the Midwest, but there's a scene with Ren and Ariel outside where snow-capped mountains are visible in the background, betraying the fact that it was filmed in Utah.
*Continuity: The style of Ariel's prom dress changes from one scene to another. She is wearing the same dress while in her room getting ready, and at the prom. That dress has a simple ruffle all the way around the bottom. The dress she is wearing when Ren helps her into his car is different. That dress is bustled in the back and has a different ribbon around the waist.
*Continuity: During the prom, Willard's hair changes style and color three times.

(all data was found at IMDB)

Movie dedicated to Joe Neuwelt: When we were growing up thank you for letting us pass daily through your backyard to reach our mail box, located next to yours, on a mail route that was not conistant with the street name, nor in any relation to the proximity of our home. Thank you for installing a door in your fence for this said task. Thank you for never wavering in your smile and always saying, "hey Naphie" (shout out to BEESE for the "ie"). Thank you Joe.


Lachesis Looms said...

ahaha...memories of footloose and the out of place mail box...what a great way to start my day. Side note, Marci and I memorized the entire main sequence in footloose so that we could re-enact it at the high school prom. I also did a slide across the gym floor.* Love you much; hope the job is going superbly (is that a word?).

*Disclaimer: pantyhose DO NOT cause one to be able to slide across floors nor protect one from loosing one's skin in said slide.

SimplyGrove said...

Good post Tal!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed all the info about the mistakes. Now I am going to keep my eyes pealed on all of the details the next time I watch it!

Willow said...

You are toooo adorable! My dad loves this movie. He can quote many many lines. BTW, we never thought twice about you guys getting your mail via our yard. We looked forward to it. We would always see you walking through and love to say was so normal for us!

Nancy said...

Hey Naphy (no ie) :) Your mom used to feel guilty for going through our yard! Remember how we would all get together almost every day...So many great memz. RE: Footloose. We just did that song at church, YES church, as an opener for a youth night. We played the end of the video, and then replicated the song (exactly, I might add!!) It was a blast. I also love Dirty Dancing. Nancy

naphtali said...

Sis - I say "superbly", to me it is a word! Is it not? (You should be the one to answer this: human dictionary.) Love you and hahaha - no sliding with pantyhose - got it! haha.

naphtali said...

Thanks SimplyGrove! Movies you've seen a hundred times are still interesting when focused on mistakes! (or totally annoying).

naphtali said...

W - I can totally hear your daddio quoting it! lol. "oh, Joe". :) And, I guess I didn't think it was weird growing up either, but now looking back. Hmm. So funny.

naphtali said...

Oh Nance!!! welcome to my blog. I just love that you guys did that. I can see it. And you're so brillant with music. Wow - I wish I could have seen it. What timing!! Much love to you (and Joe)!

The Beese! said...

Naph IE! That was sooo cute. I loved what you wrote, about Dad. That is soo typical of him, to always have a smile and say..."Hi Naphie!" Lol...Oh man...I miss those sweet days.

Love you! :)


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