07 July 2008

{a delightful day indeed}

Sometimes my blogs overlap and today would be a good example. This is especially true since my other blog consists of just food and kitchen stuff, and this blog consists of life stuff (which obviously includes food)...and well, today my life revolved around a lunch tart.

Ok. That's a bit dramatic. But, it's fare to say that I had a deep craving for one. (Is that better?) About, (hmm, let me think....oh!) 11 years ago I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to France with my maman (mom). It was so exciting! For a portion of the trip we stayed with some of our "french family" the Sallé's . One evening in Normandie, Christine made a delightful tomatoe and swiss tart with a hint of dijon mustard. It was perfect for the warm summer evening! I have been craving that tart for about 2 weeks. (Now, I was not being dramatic there. I'm serious. Two whole weeks.)
So, I figured that today, I'd put my craving to rest and see what I could come up with. (I should have just called my mom and asked her directly if she remembered what the tart consisted of, but I had a go-at-it alone.
It was quite a fun experience...and in the end I got to eat this!

But, more than "hitting a craving", I had so much fun reminiscing about those lovely days in Europe with my maman. AND, I got to use two of my favorite things, passed down to me by my maman!

my great grandma's rolling pin

my mom's limoges hand-painted french plate

What a delicious day!


Anonymous said...

that looks very deilicious, sis! I was boring and made some spaghetti, but the sauce was made from scratch and boy was it tasty = )


bridget said...

I could almost taste that delicious looking tart! I think I need to come for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I so remember having this with you! What a great memory!love, mom


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