11 July 2008

{update: job interview}

I've had many faithful emails, comments and texts regarding how the interview went! Well, I'm here to give you an update. It went well! I was overwhelmingly surprised by the company and the CFO that I'd be working directly under. I have no experience in finance, but that didn't seem to deter them, as I was asked to return today to "take it to the next level". No job offer as of yet, but I'm confident that one is in the making! And...I think I'll take it. The opportunity is amazing and I have so much peace about it.
It was overwhelming though! I've had much experience working in a fast paced, but small environment. When pulling up to the building, it had it's own parking garage, 24 hour security and over 600 employees. Not as big as some buildings, but stretching indeed!

So...on to the "next level" in just a bit. I'll keep ya'll posted. (Hey, I said "ya'll" in my head...and I write as I think. No editing here!)
Happy Friday friends!


Lachesis Looms said...

hey there - I did A LOT of research into sewing machines, and this isthe one I ended up buying and I LOVE IT! It is agreat deal on Amazon as wel = )

jmae3 said...

I'm so glad! I hope you get it and are very happy!
Side note-saw your sisters post above and 'stalked' on over to her the other day...I think she's my kindred spirit! lol We too dream of such a life. ;)


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