20 July 2008

{air expo 2008}

Ever since knowing Anthony, and especially after being married, I can say that there are two genuin things that make him giddy. Yes, giddy. His eyes light up, his grin gets bigger and his mind races with little facts. These two things you ask? Planes and Animals (the wilder the better; however, his love for the natural instict of domesticated dogs and cats is astounding. - especially, since i don't share that same passion).
It just so happened that the Thunderbirds came to McChord Airforce Base this weekend. How fun! (but, what a day...)
The day started with an opening "jump" (I don't know any official terms or names of aircrafts, so you'll just have to search that out on your own, if you want! Or perhaps ask my husband.) It was cloudy in the morning as you see. We then saw various aircrafts, walked a bunch, and waited for the Thunderbirds.

(notice this Flag? the national anthem was being sung during this portion of the show. i had goose bumps!)

(hello! the sun is starting to shine a bit!)
(big plane. big gun.)
(this little blue one was my favorite. )
(oh, this one was pretty cool too.)
(my husband is QUITE familiar with this one...he's had to jump out of it before. scary indeed.)
(you would think that the inside would be a bit nicer...hmm.)

(and the army station. this car is crazy, and to think my husband had to drive it in downtown seattle. what a statement!)(hello mister!)
Actually, I don't have many photos, cause it was just too amazing to stop and take eyes were devoted to the skies. It was great though!!! And look at the clear blue skies - it was perfect.
As for the rest of the day. Hmm. All I can say is thank God we had kettle corn:

Why? Well, as we were leaving the parking lot, we all got stuck. No, not for a 1/2 hour due to the 150-200 thousand people trying to leave as well, or the complete lack of planning a smooth exit from McChord. Apparently a woman went into labor! We were in our car, in line and waiting. After a while the ambulence left...and we were still waiting? How long? 2 hours and 5 minutes. No one could move. Just waiting. People were so mad. Did they lock us all in? What were they doing? Finally, gates opened on all sides, and traffic slowly made it's way....BUT, then we get to I-5 and dead locked again (yes, an accident). So...we took a sharp right, cut perpendicularly across the stopped freeway (all the while smirking at the shocked faces of people looking at our bold move), and exited. Might as well just eat! ...the kettle corn was running low and not doing the trick. After a relaxing meal we hit the road again and made it home by 9ish.

What an adventure we had!


Krissy said...

looks like a wonderful time! i have seen the blue angels a few times and it's always a spectacular show :) great pics!

SimplyGrove said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Are you serious?? She went into labor??? What a story that baby will have!!!

bridget said...

The skies looked perfect! Maybe next weekend Anthony could take you to a grand opening of a Macy's somewhere? haha.


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