03 July 2008

{getting ready for the 4th!}

I love being an American. Really, I do. The 4th of July is especially wonderful. People always seem to be happy and there's always excitment in the air...and I'm not just talking about the fire works - though, they're definitely exciting! Oh...and did I mention the wonderful food? Well, there's that too!

It's always been a "plan" to one day spend this holiday with me and my "eventual husband" and my dear friend Erin and her "eventual" husband. Well, we're both married! And it's our first 4th of July being married. top it all off, Anthony and I just moved to the city where Erin and her husband live!
How crazy. Life is amazingly crazy sometimes. All that to say...we're celebrating together tonight! It'll be so fun.

I'm making up a bunch of goodies and can't wait to share the fun recipes with you! The list incluedes: homemade mini quiches, Artichoke Dip with Crudites (I'm using a variety of peppers), Prociutto-Basil Crostinis and individual blueberry cheese tarts. Yummy!

I seriously have to get moving! I still have much to do...but luckily the party isn't till 8p! Enjoy this splendid day and take time to give thanks for our freedom!

*Goose Bumps! I just got them, thinking about my dear husband and being an Army wife this 4th of July!
**We're so grateful for all of our friends and family and wish we could celebrate close to you! But, know that we're thinking of you all and love you dearly!

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