31 March 2008


I am so anxious to get my wedding pictures back! In my attempt to calm me...and in the midst of purusing sites, I happened upon wedding cakes! hehe. I had a very simple cake (in style), as you can see from the pictures. I loved the simplicity in the style and loved the elegance. It was a red velvet cake. It fit my wedding perfectly, and I think it captured our style as well. Our baker was, Tia Dowdle of Takes the Cake.  I was so pleased with the look, the taste and just the overall style.  I felt that doing a Red Velvet was a great little change to the usual chocolate or vanilla (with whatever cream).  I also liked that besides looking interesting, it was so moist.  Either way, my husband and I were very pleased.  

There are so many options available to couples getting married now.  The styles range from each end of the spectrum, as do the flavors.  Part of me thinks it would be fun to find a cake and base the wedding around it!  From the following pictures you can see the all the yummy varieties.  Or if planning a wedding, one could mix several of the styles, colors and even tastes.  

My love for baking, has me contimplating trying some fun varieties my self...but, then again, the task of a "show cake" is no easy feat.  But who knows!  

The following cakes are from is from the Knot.  They are from various bakers, but be inspired by the delicious designs!  

Ron Ben-Isreal      ::     Andrea Carusetta - Roberts

Gail Watson



Regul's Cake   ::         Elisa Strauss    ::       Seacliff Bakery & Bistro

Rose Garden   ::   Cynthia Peithman ::    Let Them Eat Cake

Kate Sullivan

Now take a look at these INCREDIBLE creations, featured on Martha Stewart.  Most are amazingly complex, while others offer a fresh take on an old tradition.  

Pyramides de Sorbet -- Each fruit is covered in edible nougatine and made of refreshing sorbet!

Parrot Tulip Quartet   ::   Strawberry Shortcake                    

The Charlotte, Florian Bellanger     ::     White Chocolate Cake

try doughnuts for the kids!!

...or variety in flavors for the adults

Individual Alaskas, coconut souffles in jelly jars, mini Angle Food, mini Sorbets shaped like a cake!

basket's full of berries!  or...a Cake that looks like fabric  

This Crouquembouch is a traditional French wedding cake.  Translated, the name means crunch in the mouth.  Hard caramel coats puffs filled with vanilla cream.  My dear bridesmaids arranged for a more casual looking one at my bridal shower.  It was the perfect compliment to the theme of the lovely day.  

Be inspired and think outside of the box!  There are so many creations, and still more to come.  Some of these ideas would be fun for a fancy party (just make the variations a bit more casual).  In other words, you don't just need a wedding to have a fun cake!  

Soon, I can't wait to post pictures of "baby cakes"....or should I say cupcakes!  Yummy.  

28 March 2008

{growing up}

I've always loved the idea of growing my own herbs and fruit and yes, vegetables. We had a great little garden when I was young. I still have memories of picking the various produce. The garden eventually disappeared, as it was a lot of work. But, finally, we planted again and had a nice little orchard...and a fabulous rasberry patch. My mom gets all the credit for anything that grew she was the only one in the family dedicated to promoting the health of the trees and plants.

Now in a place of our own, I can't wait to start growing my own stuff! However, being in an apartment, means I'm sticking to herbs and some potting. But that's a great place to start! I can't wait to get planting and see what grows!!!

Besides herbs I love strawberries...they remind me of childhood. I have fond memories of picking little berries, and as I've mentioned in a previous blog, my childhood apron that I loved so much had a strawberry pattern. Oh! And let's not forget Strawberry Shortcake (shout out to children of the 80's). Either way, strawberries can be fun, chic, sexy, and playful...not to mention that they taste great!

I've actually never really thought about growing strawberries while in an apartment, but then I found the following....! Though I'm not too wild about the "package", as they seem a little too reminiscent of easter...I still like them...and more than that, love what they offer. They're little egglings! Each eggling looks like a large egg, but when cracked open at the top, they offer a little garden! The herbs and even strawberries (YES! I know..that's why I love them...they have a strawberry plant...) last up to five months in the eggs (growing up) at which point they can be transferred to another garden. These little egglings are found at Wrapables. If you want to add more color to your eggling...try painting it; otherwise, enjoy it's natural look.

Eggling Plant Set (of 3)

Wild Strawberry Eggling is found at Wrapables.

Have fun and don't be afraid to start growing something of you own this spring! And doesn't matter where you live - it's always possible!

27 March 2008

{candle fever}

Candles, candles, candles. I have a burning love for candles. I've always loved them around while ...taking a bath, reading, working, and even cooking! (Yes, cooking...if you are known to "cry" while cutting onions, try burning a candle in the same vacinity. The candle's fumes will help with the tears!) I know I'm not alone in this sentiment of loving candles. Many feel the same as I do. So, for all the candle lovers out there - take a look at the following candle votives! They are made by glassybaby. These delicate, yet very durable glass cups make the perfect accent to any room, including the kitchen. They can be used as a vase, but a candle flickering through the 70 different colors offered, will warm up any atmosphere!

I first saw these beautiful pieces on a visit to Seattle. While at a friend's house, I noticed them placed all around their chic home. After inquiring, I found out that these beautiful glass-blown creations were made right there in Seattle! Ever since my visit, I've wanted to start a collection of my own! (But, they're quite pricey. Even so, i think that they're worth it.)

The glassybaby site offers much more depth to the maker and to the peices offered. I definitely enourage you to take a look, and be inspired. Please enjoy the following pictures! (Oh, and if you're thinking about b-day gifts for me....haha, j/k!) Enjoy!


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