21 July 2008

{mmm good!}

Fresh Scallops anyone?  I went to one market.  Out.  I went to a second market. Out.  Finally, I went to a third - and I got the last bit!  Were they just that popular this weekend? I've actually never made scallops before; however, this week, I got a craving.  In the past I've tasted some pretty "fishy" versions, but these were wonderful.  (Of course you have to like seafood, to enjoy this dish).  They were easy to make too!

*I put salt and pepper on all, and then dredged them in flour (gluten and wheat free flour, that is). Browned them on both sides in unsalted butter, then added a bit more butter and finely chopped shallots, garlic and parsley.  After another 2 minutes I added a bit of dry white wine and let it cook off, making a delightful sauce (thanks to the bit of flour that was on the scallops).   Totally good and not "fishy" at all!

I paired it with some rice (with added scallions, parsley and dill), and a fresh raspberry salad.  The meal was light and fun.  In the future I'd pair it with some red potatoes though and skip the rice.  If you're looking for a different flavor for dinner - this just might hit the spot!

Happy Monday to you all!!!!

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