29 June 2009

{rachel whiting photography}

There's something wonderful about Monday's. What's that you say?! You don't like Monday? Well, let's change the 'general' perspective today. I'm feeling quite inspired by the casual romantic feeling portrayed in Rachel Whiting's photography. And today, I'd be quite happy to adopt any of these rooms into my home.

Happy Monday, Lovelies...hope today's inspiring!

26 June 2009

{weekend whimsy}

Apparently I can't stop just at the coffee table... My mind obviously needs to purge a bit more things I've come across. I love paper towels. (Can I admit that publicly right now?!) Either way, I do...but, these great un-paper towels from Athena Creates are a much better solution. Plus, look how pretty they from my grandmothers house. I think they'd definitely add some 'practical' whimsy to my weekend {especially if I had them hanging up on a clothes line}.

Found via Simple Lovely

P.S. Add more whimsy to your weekend over at Down and Out Chic. She's having a great 315Thomas Giveaway. Check it out!!


I have an overload of things on my mind, but in effort to slow down and gather my thoughts - I thought I'd share my new favorite piece of furniture (instead of listing a bunch of other things I want)! Besides, it feels good to stop and appreciate what you have sometimes.

I found this coffee table at a fabulous antique shop when visiting friends and family on our recent vacation. My dear friend, Kirsten (of SimplyGrove) motivated my purchase...and I can't thank her enough!

Of course, I have to have a disclaimer about the majority of the photo. Remember we just moved! :) One of the couches will be moved out this weekend, lamps, boxes and other such random things are still filling corners. Pillows are not set. I love the rug - which is now in our bedroom. And feel free to take note of the most recent glassybaby I acquired. (Isn't she lovely?) :)

Anyway...what do you think about the table?

Have a happy well-deserved weekend!


23 June 2009

{DIY Inspiration}

I have been searching for a unique way to store my earings. With limited counter space, ideally I need something that can hang. I've come close to purchasing several things, but was never quite satsified. That is...until now! I love the above solution. It's unique, clever and beautiful. But..the price is not what I'm wanting to spend. So, I'm thinking it could be a great DIY inspiration since I have a majority of the needed items around my home. What do you think?!

{via UO}

{the week ahead}

It's only Tuesday and this week is already feeling loooooong. Thank goodness next week will be a short one. I fear that posting may be a bit sporatic.

{P.S. I love when photo's evoke feelings. Or should I say, I love when photo's perfectly capture feelings.}

22 June 2009

{if it looks like chocolate and smells like chocolate...}

Seeing this delightfully realistic scratch n' sniff stamp set over at Paper Schmaper sparked a curious memory. At one time in my life, I collected various stamps from France and other such places I had been to. I planned on using them for some brilliant project (of course!) in order to magnify great memories. What was I thinking?! I would never use them to cover a lamp shades (as one friend of mine did) or modge podge a journal (which was a great idea...) or find some other clever locations for these 'treasured' items. Nope. They (the few I managed to keep) are still in the little baggie, I had transported them in. They've been through about 6 to 7 moves...and since my design taste has naturally changed, they wait silently for their moment of glory.

Now I'm left feeling a bit guilty for the little guys, and seriously craving some chocolate.

{adorned...} color. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm in a serious color craze right now. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm always too often partial to black and white, white and black or any variation of the two mixed together. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Several weeks back, I looked in my closet and realized that my choices were black, white, grey or blue. Hmm. Since then, I've purposed to look for things to bring some "pop" to my overall life. It was shortly after that, when my friend showed up to work wearing one of these rings. Cute. A perfect segue into adorning myself in full blown color. I've seen these around for the longest time, but am in the mood to be wearing one today (especially since I must confess that I'm wearing black pants with a white lacey top today. Goodness!}

If these aren't your style, check out the variety of rings they feature on their blog! We're talking...crazy designs.

21 June 2009

{i love you papa}

Happy Father's Day Papa! I love you so much. Thank you for your constant caring, believing, wisdom and friendship.

Happy day!!!

{via The Storque}

19 June 2009

{Chakra Pennywhistle}

I have several 'kitchen' loves. Two of those loves include aprons and dish towels. What's even better though, is when they are combined! My heart swooned when I happened upon the adorable creations from Chakra Pennywhistle. I'm thinking one of these would be fun to add to my collection...

If you're looking for something outside of the kitchen, fret not! Chakra Pennywhistle also sells some adorable pillows and other such clever items.

Be sure to check out the adorable shop here!

Bon week-end !

{merci beaucoup}

I've had such a nice vacation! Family, friends, crafts and shopping made this trip a definite one to remember. I can't wait to share some of the great treasures I picked up for our new place too. {hehe!}

Before we hit the road and get settled back home for the weekend, I wanted to give some special thanks:

Merci Down and Out Chic for a sweet award! You can check it out here, along with some other fabulous recommendations/links she provided.

Merci SimplyGrove for the sweet post on some of my favorite things! {Oh, how I love glassybabies and pretty aprons.}

Happy splendid weekend to all!

{photo :: rodney smith}

18 June 2009

{family recipe: sweet treat}

One of my favorite things to do, when visiting my sisters, is to bake! We have certain traditions that have developed over the years, including baking the most delicious coffee cake you'll ever come upon. (Or at least, we like to think so....) :) This family recipe is just too good to keep our own, so I'm going to share it with you.

Oven: 350 degrees

1/2 C butter
1C sugar
1 unbeaten egg
3 1/2 C flour
4 1/2 t baking powder
3/4 t salt
3/4 t brandi flavoring
1 1/4 C coffee

Topping: (please note that this makes a lot! we do not use all of the mixture for this cake along...thought it makes a lot, we like to layer the topping into our cake; however, if you prefer a 'less sweet' version, use only what you need.)
2 C brown sugar
2 t flour
8 T butter
2 T cinnamon

*Cream butter & sugar. Add egg and flavoring - blend.
*In a seperate bowl mix all of the dry ingredients. Sift half of the dry mixutre into the creamed sugar, etc. Follow by adding a 1/3 of the coffee.

Alternate dry ingrediants and coffee until mixed (trying to do this in 3 sets, as to not over mix).

*Combine topping ingredients into a small bowl. Mix with hands or fork.

*Grease 9x13 pan. Pour half of the mixture into the pan, sprinkle generously with topping, cover with remaining mixture, and sprinkle top with nearly all of topping (depending on how sweet your want your cake to be).
*Back for about 30-35 minutes. Let sit 10 minutes.
*Enjoy the most MOIST coffee cake you'll ever have!

{Thanks for some fun baking Susie and Liberty. Love you sissies!}

13 June 2009

{in the mood...} sew!

It seems that whenever I get on vacation and finally have a moment to think...I want to create. Right now, I'm in the mood to sew some aprons...and maybe put a modern twist on some awesome vintage patterns. Too bad I neglected to bring my sewing machine.

P.S. The plants are happy and healthy! :) (Though my family thinks I'm a bit crazy, my Mister is completely supportive of my whims.)

{photos via woof nanny}

11 June 2009


...I'm not the best with plants. Don't get me wrong - I love plants (and yes, I've been known to name them). I would like to say that I'm incredible with them, but I need a little help. Currently I have two that I'm pooring myself over: a rose plant (that needs to be re-potted) and a tomato plant (that needs to be transfered, as well). I've been so busy, but they really are doing so good that I decided this morning, I have no choice but to take them with us! Now, this may seem strange to you, but we're going to be gone for nearly 10 days. Since our recent move, we don't know people around us, and in all honesty our closest neighbor is an elderly lady which doesn't come out much. (That being said, she'd probably whip my little plants in shape and have them growing in no time.) Either way...they're hitting the road with us. I've cleared a nice spot in the back for them. I think Oma and Maud will enjoy the little trip and some Boise sun. ;)

{photo via cori kindred}

10 June 2009

{taking a trip}

Well Lovelies - Mister and I are hitting the road tomorrow! We're headed to Boise {for a whole week} to spend some quality time with our wonderful families and fantastic dear, dear friends.

Catch up with you soon!

{image via Rodney Smith}

09 June 2009


Today, I'm craving some serenity. These pictures offer the perfect feeling of "shh" that I'm looking for. Oh for life to be calm... :)

What about your week going well?


{photos via: flickr & home sweet home}

08 June 2009

{it's a girl!}

Ami Suma - wall mural, originally uploaded by ooh_food.

I'm officially an Auntie!! My sister just had her little baby...Emily Lynn. I couldn't be more excited and wish that I could fly down to NC to help take care of 'mom' and swoon over 'baby'. I'm already filled with such love for my little niece. {insert sigh here}

Congratulations Sis!!

I think this is a great start to the week...

{I think that little room would be fun for a little girl. So fun!}

07 June 2009

{weekend project}

Well, as you can see {below} we still have piles in every random corner imaginable. Guess that's what comes with downsizing, but it's starting to feel like home!

One of my projects, this weekend, included lining cupboards with paper. It's hard to tell due to the flash on my camera, but the color is olive. I actually picked up this paper when we lived in Alaska. Never got around to using it and since the kitchen shelves needed some help, this was a perfect use.

I'm hoping this week is a little "kinder" on me. Work is a whirl right now and I'm down right sick of living in clutter. That being said, my motivation is sporatic. We leave for Boise this Thursday and I think the much needed vacation will be just the trick!

Happy Sunday!!

02 June 2009

{a tiny update...}

Hi! Well, I'm back, though I'm not sure I'm all "here" as my life seems to be in a state of chaos. That being said, we're moved and happy!! Of course, we may be a bit happier once we find our coffee maker. The place is cute, but one could barely tell that, as currently boxes dominate the space. We managed to start arranging a bit, but soon will be pulling things out in order to paint. Then, if our personal life wasn't crazy enough, my new boss started on Monday. It's going wonderfully, but my days are long and my mind is overflowing.

In the midst of all of this chaos, I wouldn't mind a bit of orgaization and calmness...sort of like what's portrayed in Suzanne Kasler's designs (featured above). Oh to soak in that tub....!

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Can't wait to check up on your sites....



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