30 July 2008

{inherited vintage}

These are my most favorite pictures in our home. (And, I wish my photos of them weren't so blurry! Goodness.) These pictures are the perfect amount of vintage for me. They were passed down to me from my dear Mémé* (and to her from my aunt Oma**). Oh how I love these!!!!!!
The two little ones are in a set. Though not much is known about them, they are stamped with the date of May 1933. The larger one has no traces that lead me to any knowledge of the picture; however, I can only assume it is from a similar time period as these three have always been grouped together (primarily by my Mémé). Either way, I love these and treasure them.
*Mémé is the french word from grandma (an informal version).
**Oma. My aunt Oma. I'm pretty much obsessed with her. She collected the most unique pieces in her home. I wish I could have met her!


Willow said...

Beautiful! Of course, I love them because they are black and white!! How sweet!

::{J}:: said...

How fun!

SimplyGrove said...

These are perfect Tal!!!!


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