15 July 2008

{busy week!}

Hi!! I'll be posting sporatically this week...but please know that it's a busy week! My job is going well. I had my first day today and it was great. Anthony and I are getting ready for this upcoming weekend, where we hope to go to an air show near Fort Lewis and then the BOSTON RED SOX are in town! Whoo-hoo. (Well, basically that's Anthony who's cheering...). We also have dear friends coming into town and even my brother and his girlfriend will be coming by for a game. SO...busy set up, but I'll keep you all posted here and there!
On a personal note, my dear husband is learning to adjust to his new gluten free/wheat free life. For those of you who did not see my recent post on Belle.Chic.Cuisine, we found out Friday that he's intollerant to gluten and allergic to wheat and dairy. So, this past weekend was primarily spent changing out our cupboards, etc. Bless his heart. He's already feeling the benefit of the change though! I'm learning a lot. Thankfully, my mother in law is a great resource for this info too! Plus, like a friend mentioned, it's not 1991 - and there are definitely great resources out there for gluten free/wheat free products that don't taste like cardboard! Just check out these delicious GF brownies below!

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bridget said...

Wow- so many changes for you, yet you take each challenge to heart. Anthony is very lucky to have a wife like you!When I found out I was gluten intolerant..well..I thought my life was OVER in the loving food department, but the dishes I have found, I actually prefer them over any other. I will be sending you an email of my fav cookbooks. Don't forget to still cook and enjoy the things YOU love also!


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