30 July 2009

{gift full of surprises}

This week has been challenging. I think that's okay to admit. Though work has been good, life itself has felt a bit bombarding. I have so much to be grateful though - one of which is amazing friends!! When I came home this evening, I was greeted by a box. More specifically a 'surprise gift' from my dear friend, Jennifer!

She's so dear to me {and not just because of the gift}. We met 10 years ago next month! {Wait, really? Is that right....oh, no! Haha. Umm...we met 9 years ago, but really it feels like we've known each other forever.} We were neighbors as young freshmen. She made University completely wonderful and has shown true friendship effortlessly. Living in Tulsa, the last time we saw each other was at my wedding. Missing her is unfortunately common, but today she felt a bit closer!

She thought of everything!! In the box was an apron, pashmina, earrings, another addition for my Pandora bracelet, and even a recently produced CD of a friend of ours.

Hope you're day was equally rewarding Lovelies!

29 July 2009

{turn your oven off}

This week has not only been hectic {notice my lack of blogging}, but it's been hot! Seattle is experiencing record breaking heat. Awesome. Ha! Luckily, it's supposed to calm down after this weekend. {fingers crossed....} Either way, people are enjoying the sun and accessible water. Speaking of, my dear Mister, even joined a bunch of his fellow soldiers today for some kayaking and biking.

Anyway....all this heat and lack of time, has me contemplating easy, fast, oven-free dinners! I'm not alone in this search, because the moment I clicked on Delish, it was their topic of choice for today too. I was happy with their selection. Click here for a selection of recipes.

{Avocado and White Bean Wrap}

{Chopped Greek Salad w/ Chicken}

{Italian Vegetable Hoagie}

{Mediterranean Antipasto Salad}

You'll have to turn the stove top on for this one, but it's worth it! Mister and I love couscous, and the fresh flavors of mint add a refreshing bite to this meal. Plus, it's easy to make ahead of time.
{Feta and Mint Couscous}

Enjoy the heat where ever you are today!

27 July 2009

{monday inspires...}


I'm always quite amazed at the never ending creativity found in others. People sincerely amaze me. I always seem to have about 3-5 projects going on, which is fun for "mixing things up", but not so much if I need to get things done. {Miss procrastinator here.} Either way, on top of what I'm interested in...these DIY kits/ideas have also caught my eye. UO always seems to come through, in the fun/funky DIY department.

{Carving Stamp Kit}

{Red baron - perfect for block printing and distributing ink}

{Screenprinting kit} -- this is what I really want to try out.

{Printmasters Press -- do I really need to explain why?!}

Happy Monday! Be inspired by all that you create today {or think about creating}.

23 July 2009

{thoughts of baby}

I think my little niece needs to cozy up in this blanket! What do you think?! I think it's perfect for Emily Dear.

Speaking of babies....since I have baby on my mind. (Settle down, my little niece is growing up, and my dear friend is having a shower on Saturday....and I know 13 other preggers currently....) Anyway - I love these cribs!

And, because I've been wanting to paint a chalkboard wall in our kitchen, but am a renter....these, chalkboard stickers could work perfectly...

{Who cares if they're for kids!!}

On that note....Happy Thursday. I'm anxious for this weekend. First off, I'm exhausted and could use some rest, but on Friday night I'm helping my bestie, Erin, design (add design) to a dress and make some shoes. I have plans for an art project in our home. A baby shower on Saturday for the lovely Willow. And....expecting an old friend to come into town for a visit (on her way to Canada). Fun times ahead!

{all images/products via here}

22 July 2009

{daydream: casa angelina}

I think today would be the perfect day to sneak away. Never mind work and life responsibilities. I could sneak out when someone turns their head or closes their eyes for a seasonal sneeze. {And pouf, she's gone!} I've been whisked away to a far away land. It's so beautiful that it feels like a dream.

When I open my eyes, I am greeted by a whimsical canopy of weightless linens.

I take a deep breath. When I finally step out of bed my eyes fill with delight as I see the view. Yes, it's true - I'm overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Stepping outside, I'm immediately overcome with the pure morning air. Even my coffee tastes better here.

I think I'll curl up on this ghost couch and marvel at the wonders of Elizabeth, because truly, a dose of Pride & Prejudice is the perfect compliment to a lazy afternoon.

Mmmm....a bubble bath with the a magnificent view of the sunset.

What a perfect day. Happy dreaming to you!

{inspiration via here}

21 July 2009

{trop de travail}

My work load is crazy today, so I seriously need to focus. I think it would help to sit at this clever desk! Happy day Lovelies.


20 July 2009

{monday inspires....}


I have this friend {Krystal}....well, she's more than a friend really. Our first {real} conversation consisted of her telling me, that "I was a mystery". Ha! Me?! :) Perhaps I do have trouble disclosing my whole life. That sentence though, was the start of a wonderful friendship. Several years later, we became roommates {I'm sure all mystery was out the door by then}. A year and a half after that, I was the maid of honor in her wedding and fell for the Best Man. And, yes, a year a half later, I married the "best man"!

Krystal is an inspiration to so many people! She has the most unique ability to recognize need, and serve; to pay attention to details, and give accordingly; to find laughter in everything. I've learned so much from her, one of which includes stopping and paying attention to obviously funny things, that are often over looked. A while back, Krystal started a blog, Pic Your Words. The blog is updated sporadically as her life is crazy with work, school, serving others and being an incredible wife, but it's still a joy to visit. This last weekend, I took another look and laughed again at the comedy. Here's a taste....

{How am I supposed to wear this?}

{Now we just need a blanket!}

{Rebellious bird}

{A penny saved is a penny earned.}

{The Soda Conspiracy}

Thanks for the laugh Krystal.

Whether it be a friend, coworker, film, picture or a random set of events, I hope you are inspired by laughter today!

Happy Monday!!

{P.S. Head on over to Down and Out Chic for another fabulous giveaway!!}

17 July 2009

{speaking of food....}

...this weekend is the Bite of Seattle!

Hopefully Mister and I can enjoy some of the festivities! {Which, trust me, are in plenty!}

{I'm sorry to say that I'll be missing a family rendez-vous in Spokane/Idaho this weekend. Maybe this can cheer me up a bit.}

{a craving for lunch}

I love tarts {as you know}. Fillings can be sweet or savory - they are all good. And, especially perfect for the summer {if made light}. It has been nearly a year, since I reminisced on a delicious memory in France...specifically Normandie. And today, the craving hit me again. I am craving a "lunch tart". Perfect flavors consisting of tomatoes and Swiss with a hint of Dijon, sitting in a delicate and flaky crust. Yes that's what I crave! Hmm...

Here's what I did last time....

I made some pate brisee.....but, maybe this weekend I'll use my other crust recipe!

Then added some {good} dijon!

Followed that with some Swiss, Tomatoes, Basil {cause I like the basil baked in...though keep some for fresh garnishing} and Parmesan.

Add my favorite plate! This French vintage beauty was passed down to my from my lovely and thoughtful maman {mom}!

After baking on 350 for about 35 minutes.....


Guess I know what Mister is getting for his next meal. ;)

Happy weekend Lovelies!

15 July 2009

{jessica de lotz}

I have a special thing for stamped wax. Put that together with jewelery and you get....

I think people are entirely clever. And these, are no exception. I've officially added Jessica De Lotz's Gold Wax Stamped jewelery to my wishlist. {Now if only Mister read this blog...}

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

14 July 2009

{quatorze juillet}

Bastille Day, Paris 2004, originally uploaded by GlamourGeek.

I believe that most major US cities celebrated Bastille Day on Sunday. {At least Seattle did!!} EIther way, today is officially France's National Holiday and in honor of that: Bonne fete mes amis ! Wish I could celebrate with you in la France.

13 July 2009

{monday inspires}

I feel completely inspired by this little kitchen above. It confirms the hope in me that even though our little kitchen is small, it can be completely functional. Hope you are all finding something that inspires you today!

P.S. had a blast this weekend....watching pirates land on Alki, soaking in so much sun that my shoulders are burnt, a lovely lunch and afternoon with friends and a great Sunday with my Mister.

{via here}

10 July 2009

{weekend plans | seattle bucket list}

Sometimes I fear that we may have to move from here, without really experiencing "here". I'm a planner, but coincidentally, sometimes act as if time will stand still. "I can always plan to visit places another time." Life has taught me, however, that change is inevitable. And, being a military wife has taught me that change is quick. We love where we live (and who knows, maybe we'll stay here a long time), but in order to take advantage of this gorgeous place, I've created a Seattle Bucket List. Some of things I've done, and I want to continue to experience them; others, will be a new treat.

To commence this new {active} venture, Mister and I are going to enjoy all of the events leading up to Seafair. This weekend is full of activities in and around Seattle. Here are a few we hope to visit!

Pirates landing on Alki

Milk Carton Derby on Green Lake

{and in gearing up for Bastille Day....}

Do you have any plans this weekend?!

{Seafair photos via here; Bastille Day photos via here}

{sweet nursery}

I don't often post nursery pics, but I thought this was so sweet! Especially now that my little niece is on my mind. {P.S. sis - be looking for a package!}



wallpaper cutouts, make a perfect tree
a bird cage light brings perfect whimsy.

So sweet.

{via here}


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