30 July 2008

{ballet beauty}

When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a ballerina. That dream never came true, as I was never put in ballet class. ::Don't worry parents, I'm not about to go into my "shpeal" again:: But, yes - no ballet. I got stuck in gymnastics. (Not complaining about gymnastics :: it's a great program :: it just wasn't as elegent as ballet and you didn't get to wear the pretty skirts!) Thankfully my sisters were put in at a young age and have 10 years of lovely twirls.

I always knew though that one day I wanted to incorporate some of that ballet beauty into my wedding...and so I did. Just look at my precious flower girls! Oh the little skirts...(it was the best when they turned around, with their little bums. Too cute.) As far as me, I wore ballet shoes (as you can see from the top picture on this blog).

I bring all of this up because I was looking through Etsy and happened upon these lovely skirts! Handmade - and sewn (not tied). It's just lovely. You can check out some of her shoppe here.

::I praaaaaayyyy that one day my little girl wants to get all dressed up in these beautiful skirts::


Jmae said...

I didn't know that was you in your header pic! How sweet is that. I love that picture. Your wedding was very beautiful and all things you!

Nancy said...

I too, love the header photo. I think it would make an awesome book cover about marriage...
Your wedding was beautiful!

Tracy Wilde said...

oh tal! your wedding was so perfect and i don't think i knew you wanted to be in did i not know this about my rooms?! it reminds me of how i wanted to be in tee ball and soccer and did neither...however my siblings did both. :)

Anonymous said...

that girl would really be sore between her legs when i would get done fucking her. that's how good her sweet tender pussy would be.


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