11 July 2008

{movie craving}

I had the biggest "movie craving" last night. This happens to me often. I see an image, hear a phrase, remember a song...and it throws me back to a movie, and I develop a "movie craving". Willow Maurice told me, "you know how people get food cravings...well i decided that you get movie [cravings]." She's right. It's true. And, last night was no exception.
My problem, is that I sometimes have a hard time "pin-pointing" what the exact movie might be. I'm terrible with names (actors' names specifically) and the same sometimes goes for movie titles. I can remember an outfit, the "tone" of a sentence, word for word dialogue even...but the name of the movie? Not so much. This applies to song titles as well. I'm useless (and therefore, take no offense at not being chosen for "name that games"). I get it. I'm great for detail, but the obvious things often slip my mind.

So, I got a craving, but just remembered the details of the movie. I texted several friends (one at a mass text from me peeps...settle down). I would wait for a response and text another, hoping that someone had the answer. I was flooded with texts saying: WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN (by my dear friends Erin, Kirsten, Krystal and Willow - note the alphebetical order). THANK YOU, thank you friends. I am in the oddest mood to watch that!
Do you get movie cravings often? I am constantly in the mood for movies and that probably steams from a family that loves film!

If you haven't seen this, then you should! Be warned though that tears will flow, but it's redeeming. It's one of my childhood faves as it was released in 1991. Bethany Storro and I used to love it! (I was informed it's one of her faves too!!) Good film. Good memories.


jmae3 said...

YES! This is such a great film...although with my non-tv childhood I did not even see it until probably 1999! ;)

Willow said...

OMG.... you are the cutest. I get cravings for movies too....especially those from my childhood!!

Sometimes, I will just put on a favorite movie while I am doing house work!!! Just to hear it is the best!!


Being Brazen said...

I totally get "movie cravings". Lately i have been craving the movie "Reality Bites". I really need to watch it again.


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