02 September 2010

{eat your veggies}

I love vegetables.  I've been off of meat completely since July (I know...shocker that I didn't quit earlier, since I've been talking about it since I was 10).  In doing so, I've had so much fun adding in new vegetables, and therefore new flavors and nutrients to the table. Trust takes a bit of creativity!! What has made me so happy is that Mister has been such a supporter.  He even requested that we stick to veggie dinners.  And then last week told me that, "he never knew being a vegetarian could be so flavorful".  What a compliment, considering he's a hardcore carnivore. {Don't worry people, he still gets meat at lunch and sometimes breakfast.  More than enough.} of my new favorite vegetables is bok choy {also known as Chinese white cabbage}. I've always intended to use it, but never got around to it...until now.  It's excellent in stir-fry, soups or even better - to preserve the cancer-risk-reducing nutrients, eat it raw!  I love steaming it lightly and drizzling vinegar/oil and pepper over the top.  The flavor is light and compliments most things.  But the best part of bok choy, is the high vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, fiber and potassium nutrients.  Oh, and if you're not already convinced to try it: a cup of shredded bok choy has 1/2 of your daily needs for the high vitamins listed. 
Happy 9.02.10! ;) And happy eating!



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