10 July 2008

{tour de france}

Though I don't follow pro-cycling avidly, I do appreciate Le Tour de France. 1) It's in France --hello, need I say more?--, 2) when you actually start watching the race, it's quite intense, and 3) well, I don't have a 3, but there always seems to be a "3". Either way, I enjoy the Tour! I had the amazing opportunity of seeing them pass when I was there in 2003. It was incredible!! But now the thrill comes through the television.
I've been able to watch bits of every stage thus far (they're on stage 6 now). So, I thought since it's "apart of our life" currently - that I'd post some great pics I found!

The last pic was from last night (Stage 5). He really WAS that happy! Good for him! Oh, but the crashes that take place...crazy! Anthony and I just cringe.

Busy day! Hope you're is splendid!!

*click on photo to find source.

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Willow said...

I love the Tour. Besides the marathon, it is one of my favorite sporting events!!! Years ago, I read Lance Armstrong's biography. It was unbelievable to read the amount of training and discipline that is required. Those athletes are among the best!!!

Great blog today!



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