25 July 2008

{i have decided}

It's a stupid rule. Or at least not well thought out. What am I talking about? No talking on your hand held device while driving. Don't get me wrong. I understand where the "idea" of this rule is coming from, but come on. First of all, let's get to the point of what's happening. I'm driving to work today...and I look over and I see someone texting while driving, and then another person following suit, and another, and yes - ANOTHER. During my 26 minute drive I counted 7 people texting while driving (and a few just openly talking on their phone).

(Side note: The issue of texting may technically fall under the rule of no hand-held devices while driving. The rule may actually specify, but it is quite easy to conceal, if one wants. Therefore, what follows in confrontation is: a "he said, she said" game.)

Now, in all honesty, I am not without fault. Yes, yes I've texted while driving (move on). But, I don't recommend it.* I try to be a careful driver. And, now that there's this rule: the number of people texting while driving has gone up by 23%.** That's a scary number! If we've seen that great of an increase in just the first 3 weeks of this rule being implemented, what are we to expect by year end? Exactly! And so I don't think I'll be texting anymore. How can I? No one's driving defensively anymore, cause they're all texting. What's worse - talking or texting? Hmm.

That all said, I don't have a problem with talking on the phone while driving (and, yes, I am aware that bluetooth and other such hands-free devices solve this whole problem). BUT if we really followed this rule to the "T", then why not regulate smoking, eating, make-up applying, cd switching (if you don't have your ipod), car cleaning, email checking, rubber-necking, back seat disciplining, really really funny conversations, screaming fights, reading*** and lip gloss applying.****

*Texting can be fine if you are highly trained, quick and the only person doing it, while driving on a back road. Or perhaps in an emergancy because talking on the phone is illegal.

**This number has no standard measurement, as no official poll has been conducted. This number used was solely based on my preference of typing whatever I desired.

***Reading the newspaper on the morning commute is pretty trendy. It shows one's high level of multi-tasking, professional example of paper folding - as to be able to take in the maximum amout of text, while still having a view (clear or obstructed) of the what's ahead . This is primarily done while at stop lights, and should never be attempted while actually in downtown traffic.

****Even though a fresh coat of make-up was just applied, lip gloss applying is an all day activity.


Willow said...

I couldn't agree more! It is not just a rule, it's the LAW....which sucks!! I know they passed this law with good intentions, but it's one of those things where it is not realistic. How the heck are they gonna regulate it. Here is another reason why is is illogical: Police officers cannot pull you over JUST for speaking on the phone. It has to be a second offense. For example, you could be speaking on the phone, and a police officer sees that BUT must pull you over for some other offense: speeding, expired tabs, etc and then claims that they saw you talking on the phone and ticket you for that. WHAT???

Not good. It seems communistic to me. Sorry but it does! said...

ITA on this. I actually pretty much only return phone calls while I'm driving. It's the only time J is in one spot and I can talk without having to catch him, stop him, take things from him etc. so I never call people unless I'm in my car! Horrible-I know. I didn't even know it was a law. Is this nationwide or just in WA? I DO try my best to do this safely though.
Loved your footnotes haha

JML said...

HOLY COW Tal, you are such a girl. * Blah, blah, blah, fresh coat of makep, blah, blah, blah, all day activity. I'm pretty much mostly kinda kidding, this post was really funny. I hope I didn't look like I was talking crap on my last blog post... because that wasn't my intention in the least bit!!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Willow! It does sound a bit communistic. Sooner or later we won't even be able to do anything while driving! I can just hear it now: "Why did you pull me over, Officer?" "You were having too much of a serious conversation with your passenger! I've giving you a ticket for $60!"

Willow said...

OMG...Rebecca....You are Awesome! I love your comment!

naphtali said...

exactly friends! (and willow you're's the LAW not just a "rule"). That's my point. A conversation gets too heated...or too funny, or whatever - I'm just saying how do they regulate? Where's the line? I get the "let's be safe and defensive drivers" but COME ON. - and Jamie, as far as I know this was implemented in Washington (and some other states) but not in Idaho yet.

Christine said...

I wonder if there's a law about not giving yourself shots while driving. As a diabetic, I've given myself shots on the go and even tested my blood sugar while driving. (Although, I usually make the most of red light time.) Scary, huh?

naphtali said...

good question christine! probably not...or who knows actually. but in all seriousness - be safe! :)


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