15 July 2008

{going FREE}

Gluten Free - Wheat Free brownies! Why gluten free and wheat free do you ask?   Well, my husband just got blood work back, and he's completely gluten intolerant and highly allergic to wheat (and cow's milk, peanuts, bananas....)  I know.  *sigh*  We found out on Friday, and so we spent the entire weekend changing our cupboards and fridge.  What a task.  I used to think about going GF (gluten free)...not for me mind you...just what it would be like.  Anyway, I used wonder what it would truly be like.  It wouldn't be right for me though.  Nope.  I love cooking, baking, and well eating all too much!  (And yes, apples, mixed fruit and raw veggies are my fave, but who thinks about totally cutting everything bread?  aaaahhhh.)  Anyway, movitvation comes quickly when it's a necessity!  I've done so much research this weekend and I'm quickly learning....and adapting.  Our cupboards are "healthy".  lol.  And look at the above creation!!!  (GF/Wheat Free BROWNIES)  They were perfectly moist and rich with chocolate.   This "food"/kitchen blog may change a, I'll be focused on all things free of gluten, wheat, dairy...etc.  But, I think it'll be a good source for sharing some fun new foods.   (And no worries friends...we found some ok bread that'll work until I make my own.)  Happy Tuesday!  (I start my new job today.  *sigh*)

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