31 March 2009

{hugs to all}

I've been really missing all of my friends and family. I hope to see you all sometime soon. Until then....hugs from Seattle.


28 March 2009

{it may be raining...

and somewhat dreary this weekend...

But, the flowers in my home, definitely brighten things up.

I'm headed to do some shopping!


27 March 2009

{happy weekend}

It's Friday!! I'm in much need of this day. Wouldn't mind spending some time in Ina Garten's little Manhattan kitchen.

Bon week-end mes amis !

26 March 2009


This week has been all too busy and I'm looking forward to some peace this weekend!

24 March 2009

{erika j vess}

Perhaps it's the fact that I've been working on baby projects and am surrounded by pregnant friends, but either way - I have "baby" on my mind. One artist I like is Erika J Vess. I came across her work a while back, but had no need to post it. What was I thinking? Do I need a reason? No. I think any one or combination of these prints would be perfect in a nursery.

What do you think?!

23 March 2009

{spring comfort}

I find a certain element of Cottage decor completely comforting...especially in the Spring. My eyes were filled with delight when I happened upon these images from BHG.

Now, I need to add a few more things to my wish list, so that I can create some Spring Comfort in my home.

Lovely Monday!

22 March 2009

{weekend projects}

I've had a couple of projects that I've wanted to start for a while. Since I only had a partial work day on Friday...I went over to one of my most frequented yarn shops, Hilltop Yarn. After I got home, I started knitting! I can't tell you just yet, what this is going to be...but, I'll share soon. It's going to be for my soon to be niece/nephew. (And no, I'm sure it'll be a surprise. It's not what you may think ;)

Saturday, I had planned some Antique Shopping, but my friend and I got a bit carried away at another favorite yarn shop, Weaving Works - and I ended up starting a different project (only this time, crochet).

Since this is the first time I'm trying either of these specific projects, I'm anxious to see how they turn out.

happy CREATIVE day!

20 March 2009

{Spring dressed in white...}

I love Spring. Earlier today I was inspired by a photo from Car möbel you saw here. So, it's no surprise that all day I couldn't get the fresh, white and "spring" feel out of my head. I wouldn't mind spending some time "in" the following pics. Relaxing after a long day of work, or on a breezy saturday morning; curling up with a good book or my yarn in hand.


{I'd sure love to have my morning breakfast here...}

Here's to a Happy Friday...and a HAPPY SPRING!

19 March 2009


I have been in the mood to create!! This is nothing new for most of my friends, but lately I have been in such a slump, that it's fun to have the motivation "re-spark". I thought of serveral things I could sew from the wonderful fabrics of Schumacher.

Tomorrow's Spring...this fact, makes today simply delightful! :)

18 March 2009

{oui, on est mercredi !}

I suppose I should have checked the calendar when I woke up this morning....I guess it's just Wendesday and not Thursday (like I thought). Bummer!
Lukily, I can turn to the lovely ali design to keep me on track! Now, I just need to order these! ;) that case :: HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

{choose your book....}

I don't want to go to work today. Nope! I want to go to Paris and visit my favorite bookstore. Shakespeare & Company. I love this little bookstore. When I lived in Paris, it was sometimes comforting to walk into a store that sold "English" litterature. I would find myself there often. People would peruse, spending countless minutes touching the old and new novels that sat on the old wood shelves. I still remember the smell that lingered. A smell of history.

Then after making a selection, I would take my "new book", choose a local cafe and sit for a quite afternoon of bliss.

Yes. This is what I'd rather do on this rainy Thursday!

16 March 2009

{joi d'etsy...}

I find great joy in perusing etsy. Today, my heart smiled at the following! Wouldn't it be fun to put one of these little dishes by your sink or even on your dresser? I was thinking it would be a good "station" for my keys (that I always loose)! Either way, PrinceDesign UK, definitely got these right! I'd take each one of these dishes.

Happy LUNDI!


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