09 July 2008

{sweet crepes for a sweet tooth}

As I explained on my other blog...Anthony got a sweet tooth last night! How delightful. Not only that....he requested crepes. My heart pitter-pattered at the sound of the question, "can you make crepes". "YES!" I love to bake, but since being married, I haven't had much opportunity. Anthony doesn't eat too many sweets, and well, I'd down the whole sweet creation. So, I don't bake often. But, he requested it!! Yeah!

My crepe experience is limited to a french kitchen. Light, sweetend with vanilla sugar or nutella. Delicious. But, Anthony's experience? American restaurant crepes. Yummy - but decked out, like american pancakes. He was wanting the works. So, I made it happily made it happen. This was our dessert!
Anthony's taste...
my taste...

Both hit the spot!

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