31 August 2009

{monday inspires....}

la dance....

Do I really need to explain? I can't imagine anyone not finding an element of beauty in the above photos. Today - I am inspired by dance. Actually, this weekend I was. No, I'm not a dancer and especially not a ballerina. Well, not in real life, that is. Because yes, I freely admit that I am a closet ballerina. I have a couple of roommates that can attest to that. My place of preference? The kitchen. It lends itself to such graceful movement. :) But, I'm not here to discuss my pretend dance world (or not entirely at least).

This weekend, I did some organization, moved some furniture (at which I'm quite pleased with), and even shopped for some home stuff. While organizing some boxes, I found a pair of ballet shoes. Not just any pair either...the shoes I wore at our wedding! As I said, no - I'm not a ballerina, nor did I ever take any class as a child. But, I have always had a dear love for the ballet, and particularly the beautify of the shoes. So, I wore ballet shoes and had our little "flower girls" be little "ballerinas". Oh so cute.

Finding these shoes filled me with delight. So, my dear creative friends....any idea of what I can do with these shoes?? I've thought about molding them or keeping them as is and putting them in our little girl's room (whenever we have one). Do you have any ideas?!

Are you inspired by dance?

{Images were originally found at Paris Atelier. They can be linked to JournalDesVitrines, Read Me... and Nath.B.

27 August 2009

{what do you say about grey?!}

I blame a birthday party that I distinctly remember at age 6. {No, it wasn't mine.} After a variety of activities, game time was here. I cast the pink fishing pole over the sagging sheet. What would I win?! As I slowly pulled up the rod to reveal my prize, I squeezed my eyes together hoping for something delightful. And there it was; a little box full of perfectly long red glossy stick-on nails. All around the room little eyes gazed upon the oh-so-grown-up prize. My heart smiled.

Since then, I've equated beauty and "being grown up" with pretty nails. I have nails that I constantly try to hide. I'm positive that I couldn't be a hand model. Anyway - this "thought" has constantly made me aware of my nail imperfections. So, I'm constantly getting press on nails (no - I don't like to pay money for manicure after manicure. So - I do it myself). When the fake nails bug me, I opt for painting lovely colors.

And this, my friends, is what I'm talking about. What do you say about grey?!

Apparently this trend came to the forefront last fall. Where was I?! I completely missed it. Considering grey is my most favorite color {see my unfortunately one-toned house}, it would only seem natural to add it to my fingers.

So what do YOU say to grey?! Oui or Non?

{images from here, here and all lacquered up}

26 August 2009

{monday...eer...I mean wednesday inspires}

What does Wednesday inspire? Well, for me: Healthy Eats. I know this book is not new, but I recently purchased it and think it's well worth it!! Of course, some of the content is common knowledge: fresh fruit is definitely a better choice than syrup saturated canned fruit. Duh. But, this book does more than that. It says, "fine - you want to buy canned fruit? Well, then choose this one..."
All-in-all my husband and I try to have pretty healthy food around the house. When possible we go organic or opt for certain alternatives (primarily because of Mister's food allergies). BUT...come on -- we definitely indulge at times. My Mister loves to "forget" his wheat/gluten/dairy allergies, etc. So, how can I help?! By purchasing a "frozen pizza" that is just a bit better than another version, or stocking up on Cheerios instead of Smart Start (What?! I know...that was a shocker for me.)

And since life seems to never slow down, I've been interested in "grocery help" services. My dear friend told me about: Amazon Fresh. She's had great success with their products. Though there's no need to have groceries delivered every week, the occasional delivery could ease a bunch of stress. I have still yet to try them. I've also heard of great local delivery services, as well. The idea of it seems a bit "out of reach" - like it would be too costly, but you would be surprised!!

Enjoy a healthy day and definitely take a little bit of time to indulge every once in awhile.

Images via here.

20 August 2009

{do i need this? no. do i want this? yes.}

I was searching through Remodolista last night and kept thinking how fun it would be to have some of the certain things below. I love how they echo an old Europe look. Either way - I may not need these, but i sure think I want them.

...a unique picnic basket set. {time to take advantage of the last days of summer.}

...sure my chair would definitely feel all British 'wearing' this pretty pillow!

...I don't want to own this, but I wouldn't mind taking a photo underneath the entry way!

....Do I really need to explain why this is so fabulous?!

...3 words: French Oyster Basket.

...I know I could find use for a vintage grainsack pillow!

...a local Seattle company. I would inherite great fabrics and support locally! {please Mister, please?!} much prettier then my plastic one at home!

...I would love to come home each day to this lovely yellow door in the midst of an English garden.

Happy Jeudi Lovelies!

18 August 2009

{hidden joi de vivre}

It may be a balancing act; it may be scary; it may be the unknown, but I'm embracing all of the change that Autumn is bringing. Even if it's not the change that I had 'planned for'. All I know is that there are great things ahead and I'm ready to face them. As pursuing further school seems a bit far off, I'm eager to find different ways to challenge myself in future months. Thanks to all for listening to me lately, as I seem eager to purge my base emotions. All I know is....I'm way too into pictures with big meaning behind them and THIS one is no exception!

Lovely, lovely Mardi to all!

17 August 2009

{monday inspires....}


You may be wondering what this lovely Crate and Barrel table has to do with change. But, please, let me explain. If you look closely - it's the same table being used in two different manners. Change. And if you notice, it capitalizes on kitchen and study. I'm here to update you on home and school -- a little personal update, if you will.

Where to begin: Study. As you may remember I was applying for an International MBA program. Well, folks - the program has been postponed. :( I received a call from the University, explaining that this was the first year of the program and they didn't generate enough interest; therefore, the program is postponed until next fall. All of the current students who have applied for it are booked for next year's program; however, they are also opening their doors to the traditional MBA program. So, do I want to wait an entire year for the perfect program or jump into something else? I'm thinking hard about what I want to do. But, admittedly had some baby tears in my eyes when I got the call. I was so excited about the prospect of it all.

Secondly: Home. Now, I know this will come as a shock to you. I'm still in shock. Actually - I'm just laughing about it all of the time. BUT, Mister and I are door. Ha! I'm serious, peeps -- you just can't make this stuff up. Actually, it's not as bad as some may think, but it is all extremely funny. We currently live in a duplex (one bedroom tiny little abode). When we moved in, the other rental (with 2 bedrooms + a laundry room) was unavailable. Just recently it opened up and our landlords gave us priority. So, after much consideration and many laughs, we decided to jump on it. The house is still tiny-tiny and the 2nd bedroom will be tight, but it will be more space. It's definitely older and could use some serious TLC in the kitchen + bath, but I'm somewhat excited.

So there you have it! I thought I was starting a season of school, but instead it seems it's another season to move. Not too bad - in the last year and a half this will be our 4th move. Doesn't that thought just exhaust you!?! It sounds a bit like we're odd, but each one has an explanation (primarily marriage move and Military). I hope that this will be the last time I'm writing a post like this for a long time!!

Either way - I think the table above would be a perfect place for us to eat dinner in our new home and maybe even inspire some studying.

Any change coming up in your life?!?

14 August 2009

{la french table}

my new table, originally uploaded by Abby Lanes.

I have managed to feel quite French this week. It's really quite spectacular. :) Actually, if I may say, I think my French friend felt a bit French too! Even though we're in an American home, I find myself doing things that are typically French. It was really just this week though that I realized it. No wonder my poor American Mister is sometimes confused by my actions. Should I elaborate?

Setting the table: In regards to silverware, I place the Fork on the left, the Knife on the right and a small spoon just above of the plate - laying across toward the cup. (My Mister has often picked up the spoon confused. I was too 'involved' to really realize before.

The dinner: I strive to have good bread for certain meals and if passing them out, often place the piece on the table by Mister's plate. Poor man. He automatically, picks it back up and sets it on his plate. Also, the salad is served last. So, I will sometimes bring it to the table after he's finished his fish, zucchini and a bit of bread. It can be confusing, but I think I was subconsciously trying to 're-train' his eating habits. (Oh goodness, the things I realize through this blog. Eek.)

The dessert: After clearing a bit of the dishes, I gather a couple of fruits and yogurts. Take your pick Mister. Ah, now he realizes the reason for the spoon.

I may not be French (even though we have to whisper that this week, as I am pretending....). But, either way, I have certain inclinations -- thanks to my dear (almost) French Mom, my travels and my desperate need to pretend to be French. *Sigh*

*P.S. I have some updates to give about drinking out of bowls! I love how blogging can bring up memories, unite traditions and create an entire world of wonder. But, that will have to come later - becuase I am heading to take my friend to do something entirely American: BBQ at a Military Base.

Lovely Vendredi my dears!

11 August 2009

{morning café}

I'm thinking that these colors would be the perfect compliment to my pale kitchen....
And by the looks of them, I gather I'm getting in the mood for autumn. What am I saying?! I'm always in the mood for autumn!!

Either way, I could sip some lovely coco from these bowls or my morning café even. What? Didn't I tell you I was pretending to be French this week?! It's true. So, sipping morning drinks from bowls would be quite perfect.

What's that you're confused? Well, perhaps it's not entirely true of all les français, but one of my first memories in France was waking up to the smell of perfectly fresh bread and coffee served to me in a bowl. Countless times, I was served coffee in a bowl while visiting friends in France (but only in the morning). It's seems in the afternoon, a mug was the dish of choice.

Whether it be true of many or just the random luck of draw...there's something entirely soothing about taking your morning "hot" beverage in a bowl. I suspect that's why in the U.S. we now have over sized mugs.

It seems that tomorrow morning, I'll have to carry on the tradition (which I suspect is true)....And, if it's not true, then too bad. I guess my little kids will grow up thinking it is...and one day blog about how the French take their morning beverage in a bowl.

Happy Mardi Lovelies!

10 August 2009

{monday inspires....}

Flats on Velib', originally uploaded by Miss Glitzy Paris.

....French living.

Bonjour Lovelies! Sorry that I have been a bit absent this past week. I hope to do better now. :) All is coming together for the application process for the International MBA program. Now I'm just praying that I'm not too late to submit as competition is tight. But, what will be, will be.

For now, I don't need to worry about that, but instead focus on "being French". A dear friend from France is visiting me this week. So, my language is getting all mixed up. For those of you who know me, I'm not the best at separating the two languages and often, French wins. It's fine, though, because my Mister told me that one day we could move there (and pretend to be French), it's best he's exposed and starts learning to communicate!

I'm sure that this week will be filled to the brim with lovely sentences and lots of touring. And....I'll be able to start marking off some items on my Seattle Bucket List.

If you were to pretend to be from a different country - where would you choose?

Bonne journée mes amis !

03 August 2009

{monday inspires....}


A Little Push, originally uploaded by stephaniedan.

Perhaps it's the fact that Fall is around the corner, and inevitably, when autumn comes, I crave bouquets of sharpened pencils. I crave fresh, untouched paper and the smell of old books. Yes, I must admit, that I crave school. {Or the idea of it at least.....cause admittedly, school is not on my list of most favorite things. But, the idea of it....?! Well, the idea of it is magical.}

What does this mean for me? Well friends - this week I'm applying for an MBA program. The classes will push me a bit, but that's what I'm hoping for. So here it goes! I'm praying I get in....since I am waiting to the last minute to apply.

What are you motivated to do lately?!


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