09 July 2008

{the joy of interviewing}

Well, friends and family....I have a job interview today. (What to wear?? It's really the biggest question on my mind. haha.) In all honesty, I'm not too thrilled about the job (or location, rather), but I figured "interviewing" would be worth it! I need to get back into practice.
So what do I wear that says professional, yet has personality? Hmm...(Still no answer.)But the real question is: What do I want to be?? (Still no answer.)


Jmae said...

I must say that I was just thinking about this last week. I remembered you said you were going to get a new job when you got settled in.
I thought to myself-Tal should get a job that she's always wanted, that doesn't tax her time after she 'clocks out' but still challenges her, that allows to be explore an area of her life that she's not done in a job setting and that is something she may never be able to do again as her life being wife and someday mother progresses.
So that's what I have been praying you'd do! ;) What is this job you're interviewing for? I was thinking something fun like a store mgr at a Restoration Hardware or some boutique, or even a little French shoppe. Perhaps if you weren't so tired of weddings-in an upscale bridal salon. I'd LOVED to have had you by my side during such things! ;)
Not to be presumptious-but this is probably the time that you will need $ the least. As life expands for you two your budget probably will probably have to as well. So why not do something that you love-even if it's not something you are paid as much as you're used to? You may find the wonderful feeling you go and leave work with every day, makes up for the lack of higher pay rate? I say that because the sort of jobs I listed are not going to rake in a nest egg for you! haha But you may love it just the same! Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Your crepes looked like they would melt in your mouth! My question is where was the whipped cream and powdered sugar? HAHA. Did Anthony ask? That's the way I fixed them when he was a little boy. Thanks to my years of working at Elmers where whipped cream came on everything (except eggs of course)
The joy of interviewing will be on your potential boss' side of the table, I can assure you! Whoever has you will be the lucky one! I was curious--with all the FINE restaurants in Seattle, have you toyed with a waitress idea? It's not a real "career" to some but for me it has been so fun and not boring,and lucrative for 31 years. Don't worry, whatever you choose will be the best decision for you. Good luck!

Willow said...

I have a fantastic idea!!! Why don't you make your job hanging out with me!! HAHA....

But whatever you choose to do, you will be fantastic!

Love you,


SimplyGrove said...

How did that job interview go???


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