07 August 2008

{happy thursday}

My drive to work is so beautiful {especially when crossing the floating bridge}. I can't fully capture it...since well, I am the driver. And - I'm pretty sure clicking photos while driving isn't "allowed". Or maybe it is, and all the law cares about are cell phones. Hmm. Either way, today was spectacular! I just took three shots, because I thought it was going to a cloud filled day, but within minutes (literally) the skies turned from dark rolling clouds to a bright blue sky. Oh, the wonders around us!

Hope you enjoy all the wonders and beauty around you today!

Happy Thursday


.:meagan.rae:. said...

Oh how pretty!!!

:) i sure do miss you

::{J}:: said...

So pretty!

Willow said...


Is that the 520 bridge? I think it is, but am unsure! Anyway, they are going to toll the two main bridges in Seattle (520 and 90)....Yippee....6 bucks.

But it sure is beautiful! That is typical Seattle weather for you: dark and thunderous and 2 mins later: bright and sunny!!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, i drove that bridge everyday.....where do you live/work?


naphtali said...

Oh Meagy - I miss you so much!! How ever can we not live in the same city?

naphtali said...

It's the I-90. Wills - I'm still not sure about the $6 toll fee. That is absurd. But yes - it is beautiful.

naphtali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naphtali said...

Tiarra, Tiarra? Like as in Tiarra??? How are you?!?! (Do I have the right Tiarra?) I mean...I've only known you. So yes. Anyway - Anthony and I live in West Seattle and I work on Mercer Island. So, I make the drive daily. It's so pretty! Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me. I came across your blog, and I have found myself visiting quite often....I enjoy your writing and perspective on even the little things. West Seattle is a great area, my favorite is get the best of both worlds (ocean view and the city lights) anyways thanks for the daily posts that keep my day interesting. ;)



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