08 August 2008

{8.8.08 world inspiration}

Seriously, I'm one of the least athletic competitive people I know. You think I'm joking? My saying is, "if you want the dang ball, just take it!" I really could care less about winning (let me clarify - winning an athletic game). I appreciate others that have that competitive strain - good for them! I just don't care, so by all means just "have the ball". That being said, I love the Olympics. I just wouldn't want to compete. I get overly excited about the bright colours, beautiful images and the heart behind representing our own! {Actually, maybe it's the Opening Ceremony I really love about the Olympics...hmm.}

{there are hundreds/thousands of photos already, but these struck me as gorgeous. soak up all the colours!!}
[photo credit: Guo Lei-Xinhua]
{here's the USA!!}
[photo credit: Mike Hewitt Getty Images]
[photo credit: Cameron Spencer Getty Images]
[photo credit: Jamie Squire Getty Images]
[photo credit: Jonathan Ferrey Getty Images]
{fireworks on the roof}
[phot credit: Adam Pretty Getty Images]
{had to give a shout out to La France!}
[Photo Credit: Cameron Spencer Getty Images]
{look at these breathtaking colours!!}
[photo credit: Mike Hewitt Getty Images]
[photo credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]
[photo credit: Xinhua]
{a little girl dancing}[Cameron SpencerGetty Images]
Have a splendid weekend, and if you're watching the Games, soak up all the beautiful colours and unique wonders of the different cultures!
Do you like watching the Olympics?? If so, do you have a favourite part?
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Rebecca said...

I love the Olympics because I like seeing people from different cultures come together and celebrate each other's victories. It gives me hope in people! Do you know what I mean? I hope I'm making sense! :)

Willow said...

How funny that you blogged about the Olympics....I am in the process of doing that now!

I love the athletic part of the Olympics (especially the summer games).

Favorites: marathon, track and field, swimming (I love a swimmer's body!!) and gymnastics....oh heck, I really like it all!

The athleticism of these individuals is inspiring (esp. for me!)

Jmae said...

Gymnastics: the floor routines to be exact! And I LOVE the hurdles in track and field!
Sadly my tv only gets channel 9, so I must drag myself over to my parents to catch any of it! I was going to go for our family shin-dig to watch the openings...but then I fell asleep! Bummer!

JML said...

Ph Tal, you would love the "colors" of the Olympics. You're such a girl. :)

Lachesis Looms said...

OMG. I am so with you on the lack of drive to win at sports, but funny enough I was busy learning how to ref soccer while the opening of the Olympics was happening. I am not sure if I am going to pass the test tomorrow or not...I have been stuck with a teacher who doesn't care about teaching but only about showing off about how cool he is and how he puts people in line...I have to spend an extra few hours studying now to learn the things he was supposed to teach us today...AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Suzette said...

i'm going to the olympics one day you know. because i will gladly take the ball ;)


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