12 August 2008

{tuesday's top!}

I have no idea why I started doing this Tuesday's Top thing. But, I did. (Maybe it's the fact that I'm always thinking of movies and relating them to life. hmm.) But either way, now I feel obligated to keep it up. How do I decide what I choose? Well, it's pretty much the most subjective thing ever, but I primarily mention movies that apply to my week.

This week's "old Top Film Award" you may ask? JERRY MAGUIRE. Yep! I know you all remember the 1996 film. (I know - '96?!?! That's what I thought too.) Whether you like this movie or not (or if you've never seen it...Meagy???) this is on the "classic" list for many...including me.

How does this apply to my life this week? Well, ironically, I just sat through an "employee seminar/orientation/tons of info" and was handed memos. Let me re-phrase: MISSION STATEMENTS. The first thing I thought of....JERRY MAGUIRE. The second thing I thought AUNT KRISTI (who I affectionately call Auntie). She l-o-v-e's this film, and with good reason!
Goofs - just to a name a few::
*When Marcee is going to get her baby and they leave the restaurant, Rod catches Ray and his son, one under each arm, and runs out of the restaurant. Two seconds later the boys have switched places.
*The lamp on the floor while Jerry is doing the handstand switches itself off.
*When Jerry is removing the goldfish from the tank, Bob Sugar disappears from behind the tank between shots and is replaced by a completely different group of coworkers.
*Jerry's shirt buttons when in the kitchen.
::This film is officially dedicated to my Aunt Kristi! You're my "ambassador of Kwan" (and yes i did check the spelling of Kwan.)
::I realize that those photos are pathetic, but I'm on a time crunch here. So, yah - deal. :p
::All facts/photos were used from IMDb.


.:meagan.rae:. said...



i have NOT seen it, but i feel compelled to watch it now :)

xx meagy

haha i'm still laughing
love you

SimplyGrove said...

Wow, I haven't seen this one in a long time!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Naphtali, you do know that I love this movie! I am happy to know the correct way to spell "Kwan" as I have always spelled it "Quan". I have made a note to self on this one!! I am honored to be YOUR "Ambassador of Kwan". You made a great movie pick this week!!

Love you,



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