19 August 2008

{tuesday's top!}

Yes :: this is my top for this week. Spy Game. I love this movie. Sure, the mistakes are numerous. Sure, it's a B-/C+ rating to some. Sure, sure, sure. BUT, that doesn't stop me from absolutely loving this 2001 film. Robert Redford and Brad Pitt do a great job acting their roles (as usual). The plot though seemingly intense has enough comic relief to keep someone like me smiling and ultimately relieved.
Why is this my top movie for this week? Netflix. My husband and I recently joined with netflix, one of the first movies I chose: Spy Game. We just got it in the mail and whoo-hoo! Last night, we sat down to watch this great film, and my husband says, "didn't we just watch this?" HE'S RIGHT! In fact, I think we own it! lol. (oops.) I feeeeel like we've watched this film 3 or 4 times. (Is that wrong? Hmm. Well, I can't fully remember.) Oh and when I say 3 or 4 times...that's in the space of 6 months. Awesome. I must really have a liking to this movie.
This film is definitely dedicated Rooms :: Tracy Wilde. I'm thinking that this was one of her fave films too. (??) If not, we definitely enjoyed watching it as roommates!!
Happy Tuesday!


SimplyGrove said...

I love this movie!! I think its so funny that you can watch a movie that many times in a row! I can only watch the same movie once a year:)

Kelly said...

Good memory Rooms...this is so my fave movie!! We were such good roomies cuz we liked the same great films! i think its funny that you ordered it on netflix when you already own it and then you said, "is that bad?" that made me laugh..i could hear you say that.

miss you//xoxo

Kelly said...

ooops...its tracy but i'm on kelly's computer. blast all these white mac books sitting around. :)


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