09 August 2008

{wonders of Woodland}

Oh the ZOO! Everytime I go, I feel like a kid again. The wonders and beauty of the animals amaze me. :: Yes for those of you who know me, I'm not the biggest animal lover. BUT, even I can appreciate the beauty of "the wild". It might help, too, that I can't get too close. Or should I say, they can't get too close to me. :: Enjoy the pics from our Saturday at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo!

{I know - not quite "animals", but I seriously love flowers. And these were gorgeous! It helps that they're my fave flowers :: only not in this particular colour :: Either way, I couldn't resist!}

{Ok - back to wildlife. First on the agenda :: FLAMINGOS! I love flamingos (but not in a "put-30-plastic-ones-in-your-front-yard" sort of way.) I think the affinity steams from my oh-so-close maiden name, and being affectionately called that growing up. {This little red panda was so adorable. He was loving his little tree!}{Lions and tigers and bears...}{These elephants were so sweet. Bless their hearts.}{How lovely they are!}{Of course I took a pic of a little goat. How I like goats! Always have :: odd, I know! :: This one was putting on a little show...}{I LOVED this exibit! Butterflies & Blooms. It took some strategic camera work to get these gorgeous flitters on film, but if you look close enough they're in every shot.}

Overall, our time was splendid! The weather was perfect so it was nice to be outside. But, compared to past experiences this was one of the nicest zoos (zoos? is that right? that's ugly.) we've been too. If you live in the Pudget Sound area or are visiting - you should check it out! It's a refreshing way to spend a day.


::{J}:: said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! How great it must be to move to a bigger city...there are endless ways to fill your weekend! I would love that! Boise's feeling small too me...:(

Jmae said...

Seriously? I just sat here for over 5 min. saying your name with every last name I could think of. I could NOT remember your old last name! lol Your new name sounded so fitting. I got it now though-lol Yes I can see the flamingo comments!
That said, I LOVE the zoo! We grew up going to the Santa Barbara Zoo and San Diego Zoo. Josiah loves the zoo as well-although he was very scared of the 'udderflies' when we were last there!

please sir said...

I LOVE the zoo too - so much fun!


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