27 August 2008

{film spot}

Oh the movies. I didn't have a top film for this week, and I'm sort of sick of that. But, to stay true to my postings...I thought I'd at least continue on the vein of film. One secret love I have :: silent films. Did you know that about me? I don't think it shocks many people, but its a little love that I've had since as long as I can remember {I just don't blast it to the world}. I don't seek out said movies, but when I come across one on the tv, {and I'm alone, as not to bug others} I sit and enjoy! It amazes me to see the old acting/outfits/humor/story line. And, sure - some of them are super long, but others are intently intriguing! I wish I could name all of the ones I've seen, but I can't seem to remember at this moment. {The foreign films are equally captivating for get used to looking at facial expressions for the "flow" of the movie, instead of reading the "perfectly dramatic" captions.} Some of my favorite starlettes from those films include : Connie Griffith, Fay Wray, Lily Damita, Louise Brooks and Carmel Myers. There are many more, but for sake of time {on both my side and yours, I'll stick with these}. The starlettes of those days are featured below.

Such lovely glamour they portrayed! I wouldn't mind being swept away, back to that era {even if only for a day}. Lovely Wednesday to you all!

::pics courtesy Silent Ladies::


Lexee said...

Classic beauties! I don't think that any of todays stars can even compare to the film stars of that generation. Eric actually turned me onto these old films (funny huh?) AMC runs them late at night/early in the morning. Even their voices- in the non silent films- are extraordinary. Great "film" pick...I was really starting to question your movie taste.... Spy Game??? :):) ha ha ha. We miss you guys! We wish you were coming this weekend!!!

naphtali said...

lol! don't be cutting in on Spy Game. haha. You will find that my movie taste is diverse from Silent Films :: Classics :: Musicals :: Action :: {a good} romantic comdedy :: independant :: foreign...even some documentaries. But, yes - the "old" voices are magical!


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