05 August 2008

{tuesday's top: fall style}

No. That's not it.

I know what you're all thinking..."she's in the mood for Fall because she doesn't like the heat. You think she could be satisfied, since they moved to a location that barely whipsers summer's name. She should be happy that the sun is shinning and that it's not raining, because in a short while...that will all change. Can't she ever be satisfied with the weather?"

Back up friends. That's not it. I may not proclaim to be a lover of summer time, but I do like the sun. (I just prefer it at 70 degrees.) The weather has been perfect here though! It suits me just fine. No, it's not's that I love, love, love (autumn) clothes and bags and shoes and yes, bouquets of sharpened pencils WAY TOO MUCH. Fall is just perfect. (For me at least.)

I've been thinking about this daily...and is it really my fault? We live in a society that promotes tomorrow. Always have to have the next best thing before it's even necessary. So, I go into the mall - just perusing (and picking up some needed warmer coverings for our air-blasting office), and what did I find???? FALL EVERYWHERE. Oh the joys! I really was in bliss looking at all the sweaters, scarves and mostly the array of fall colors mixed with the perfect compliment of brown leathers. This I love up coming season. Give me my cup of good hotness, place me in a leather chair, and curl me up in a blanket.

This season always throws me back to: "bouquets of sharpened pencils". That's why this week's "best old favorite movie" award goes to YOU'VE GOT MAIL. Perhaps I should wait until fall, but I'm too anxious (and I love this movie). It's not my most favorite movie, but it is my most quoted. I can pretty much slip in a quote from this movie during most life activities! I hear a scene and I can play the whole movie in my head. I like the movie because it's adorably whimsical. And though it's not an independent Cannes Festival fave, it is wonderful.

Happy Tuesday and happy (almost) fall!

I officially dedicate this to me, my forever Rooms: Tracy, and other lovers of bouquets of sharpend pencils! ;)


Lachesis Looms said...

Yeah! I second the vote for You've Got Mail...amd for Fall Clothes. I had a yearning myself a few days ago. I do love the clothes and the boots and supple leather, but I also love the yarn and knitting and fireplace crocheting that comes along with it. But for now, summer dresses and sunny days will do just fine. Love you!

Tracy Wilde said...

omg! i have been longing to watch you've got mail recently and almost blogged about it...due to my love for fall. in fact, i tried to find a clip on utube of our fave scene..."bouquet of sharpened pencils." i totally thought of you and than you blogged it. we are such roomies 4eva! let's watch simultaneously and text each other. wink wink xx

naphtali said...

Oh Sis! yeah for fall. I wish I could visit you during that's gotta be gorgeous! But, yes - summer dresses for now.

naphtali said...

totally craving it tracy! and really wanting to watch it w/ you. i like the texting idea. lol. (this movie was dedicated to you. cause it's just is perfect for fall!) xoxo

.:meagan.rae:. said...

HEY A MOVIE I'VE SEEN!!! :)yessss

i actually love that movie and although i LOVE summer with everything inside of me... i DO enjoy shopping for fall clothes. you are not alone sis...YOU are not alone! :)

Willow said...

I must admit that the summer is my favorite always has been. However, the fall is fantastic daddio loves it!! It reminds me of him.

BTW, YGM is one of my ALL time fave movies...Have you seen the original that it was based on? It's called Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart. Love ya' Babe!!!

naphtali said...

yeah meagan! you've seen it. *sigh* what a fun film. wish we could have a girls night and watch it!!

naphtali said...

oh wills - you truly are wonderful. I L-O-V-E Shop Around the Corner! (but, maybe not as much as YGM) I haven't seen that in years. It's time. Love ya!

Rebecca said...

Just please don't start quoting from The Godfather too! LOL That's so funny that The Godfather is quoted in that movie quite a lot! It's "the sum of all wisdom!"

SimplyGrove said...

This is my favorite movie and Im thinking that I shall make shane watch it with me soon and very soon!!!!

Krissy said...

I can't wait for fall!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Fall! I sooo don't to hot Just ask Will.

T and I LOVE You've got mail. Yes...T loves it, too. We watch it alot, and every time we do, we are in such a good mood. It's the best!!


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