15 August 2008

{happy 'relaxation day'}

It's FRIDAY??? Already? This week was quite odd and though each day seemed to last forever, I'm confused at the fact that it's Friday. (Maybe that's because I was "off" all week. You know what I mean? I kept thinking Tuesday was Wednesday, etc. Exactly. Makes for an "off" week.) Either way, Friday is here!
{photo by :: robb kendrick}
This is where I want to be today } standing in the middle of lavender. Why? I have NO idea. In all reality I don't love-love the smell of lavender. Yes, sure - I love the IDEA of it, but I don't crave the smell. (Until today apparently.) And let me clarify :: I like seeing it dried (like on a bed for guests, etc) - but put it in a floral perfume and I need it in small doses. But, like I said - today, I have a different perspective. No matter the smell though, how could anyone resist this gorgeous field in the South of France?
:: for my imagination I guess, as it'll be a while before I go back to France. *sigh*

Some interesting facts about this date: 15.8.08...
1543: Jesuit order founded in Paris
1901: The Cadillac motor company founded in Detroit
1944: Allied forces land in the south of France, Marseilles recaptured.
1947: India gains independence from Britain1948: Korea proclaims itself a republic
1965: US National Guard called out to deal with race riots in Los Angeles
1969: Woodstock music festival
'holidays' today...
Best Friend's Day (I LOVE you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm blessed with amazing friends!)
National Men's Grooming Day (Interesting...)
National Relaxation Day (whoo-hoo!)
Anniversary - Panama Canal
Anniversary - Woodstock
Birthday - Napoleon Bonaparte (French Emperor)
::I'm oddly into "daily holidays" right now (yes that includes monthy, etc), so you might get some 'education' in that arena. hmm. we'll see.


Tiarra said...

I totally agree with you about lavender....beautiful to look at. I wouldn't mind having some in my garden some day. I love it dried, but the smell is so strong it has to be used in moderation. Thanks for the fun facts about today...who knew. Hope you have a relaxing day as well.

Suzette said...

you are my favorite person in the world :)

you know me. this is totally me. like just imagining im standing in the middle of that is amazing!!! i love you a million swedish fish :) haha. and miss you!

SimplyGrove said...

How in the world did you know about all of those holidays? You are brilliant Tal:) Happy relaxation to you:)


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