16 August 2008

{buon appetito}

My husband asked me out last night. Who-hoo! A date!! (Perfect time for Romance Week. lol.) This season...well, it has been quite a season (to say the least). Married for 7 months, moved twice (to two very different states), changed jobs, got a job, and well, just a bunch of stuff that really needs no attention on this "food blog". This week though :: we finally felt like we could call this place OUR HOME. This is the first week since moving, that we have been confirmed that we will be here for at least a few years. How exciting! We're home, which means we can truly start enjoying this place, as such. Ok - so back to our date...LA RUSTICA. I'm going on record to say that this restaurant is incredible!The restaurant was named appropriately. Called La Rustica, it's literally translated from Italian to English as :: the peasant one. In French it translates from (La rustique) as :: the rustic one. Walking up to this quaint place, we felt as if we were in another city. As if it were a cafe tucked away in Europe (specifically Italy). And let me tell you - the service and food were far from "peasant-like".We were surrounded by the delicate perfume of blooming flowers, the warm ocean air that can be rare in these parts and "old-soul" laughter from nearby tables. We were also completely satisfied with our choices (Salmon for me :: Lamb for the hubby). The food melted in our mouths and was complimented with a bit of spaghetti and perfectly roasted squash. After our leisurely meal, we walked across the street to find the sun setting. (I'm a sucker for sunsets!) Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or just for a fun night out with the girls, my recommendation goes to this West Seattle restaurant! You won't be disappointed!!

Buon appetito :: Bon app├ętit

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