25 August 2008

{our sunny saturday}

This past week it rained every day. The clouds were thick and the air was quite chilly. Though I loved it, I also felt SO fatigued. Needless to say, Anthony and I were thrilled to see {and feel} the sun shining today! We decided to venture down by the piers, sit by the water, watch the action along the shore, eat delicious appetizers for lunch, people watch and just get out and walk.
We love this city! There is always something to discover around every corner. After eating and spending time near the water we went to Pike Place. {Boy was it crowded today!!} I love sunny Saturdays spent with my husband!


Lexee said...

What a perfect sounding day! There is nothing better than great apps and people watching! It cracks me up because you take that camera everywhere. :) Love it. I can just hear it now...Wait Anthony! We need a picture of that! Needless to say I feel like I have visited your place, been to the pier, sat down for dinner with you guys.... :)

jenn lee said...

do you realize how blessed you are to live so close to the ocean? just a little envious:)

naphtali said...

lexee - it was amazing! {much needed I might add.} I agree that apps and people watching pretty much hit the top as far as fave activities are concerned! ...and hahaha - my poor husband. I do like that camera :: but, he encourages it too. guess it's the closest way to "let all of you guys in" to our life here. miss you!!!!!

naphtali said...

jenn - it's so true! we actually just had the revelation the other day, that we have never NOT lived by the ocean since being married! how strange to think. I forget about it, up in Alaska, but it's true! I wouldn't change a thing :: I LOVE being by the water (yet in cooler weather). Score! LOVE YOU!!!!!

::{J}:: said...

We ate there! It was like 2 years ago, but I remember it!

Anonymous said...

Wow those pictures were great! That definetly sounds like a day I would enjoy. Someday I'm going to get brave enough to fly and come visit. I miss you guys!
Love Bridget

SimplyGrove said...

Looks so fun!! I can just smell the smells right now just looking at these pics!!!

naphtali said...

{j} :: really?! it's so good. well, the food is good but the atmosphere is so great. hope you guys can come up sometime!

{simply grove} :: speaking of coming up?? :p but, yes - the smells were delightful. glad the pictures portrayed that a bit!

{bridget} :: you are ALWAYS welcome. maybe one day you can venture up! you would love it.


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