30 June 2008

{buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks}

Is cracker jacks one word or two? Crackerjacks. Cracker jacks. Hmm. I guess I could look it up before I post this...but, I'm too lazy at the moment...and I feel like you get the idea of where I'm going with my title. Where might that be? TO A SEATTLE MARINERS GAME, of course. Anthony and I went to our first pro-game together tonight! What a blast! Now, the Mariners...bless their hearts...they were terrible, but it doesn't matter. We had such a fun time. The weather was perfect, the crowd fun (all 30,000 of us). They weren't too wild, but the stadium was full of patriotic Canadians, so all in all the crowd was quite cheery...and perhaps a bit tipsy.
We had fabulous seats....right behind home plate just a few rows up. It was PERFECT for our frist game. I was mostly excited for Anthony. He loves baseball, and to see him light up...well, it was precious. I really did enjoy myself!
And on with the pictures!...
Excitment was in the air as we approached the stadium.

I am not the hugest of baseball fans (I know...shocker...) BUT, I LOVE the idea of it all. Hopefully you understand what I mean by "idea". Erin and I just discussed this earlier so I know she gets it, but sometimes the "idea" of something is so wonderful...better than the actual "thing". I am quite tired, so am not in the mood to explain, but I'm thinking all of you who read this (all baker's dozen of you), get where I'm going with that. Either way, I loved seeing their logo everwhere and seeing all of the "excited" people (who were obviously Canadians...since our poor Mariners have been struggling this season.)

And of the BEST parts of the night...PEOPLE WATCHING. Are you kidding me? I love to people watch. You can learn the most interesting things about people, by just watching their manerisms. Below you will see some photos of our favourite couple..."Harrold and Marge". No, I don't know their real names, but that's what we dubbed them. Trust me, it's appropriate.
They had a wonderful evening interacting with their grandchildren and each other. Marge truly is spectacular. You could tell that she has been to countless games in her life, and though she's not too vocal when it comes to the sport, she DEFINITELY enjoys the "IDEA" of the game. She must have ordered most everything that vendors were selling up and down the isles. She never seemed to finish her portion, so somehow Harrold would end up finishing up the last bite. At the end of it all, she had a grand time...and yes, I do mean grand time putting on lip stick. She pulled out her compact and lip stick and layered it on thick. She was ADORABLE. ...and therefore made it into this blog. Strange, perhaps...but, she's deserving. I wish I could have met her! Truly.
All in all, Anthony and I had a great evening! We are starting to feel like we're home in this city!

And...yes! We had a hotdog. Well, I had a couple of bites at least! And, for being a hotdog (which I RARELY I believe all of you know) it was perfect....because, the IDEA of it was perfect.

Oh, and before I's CRACKERJACKS. One word. I just figured it out.


Brenda said...

Naphtali~I love your blogs. This one I could really appreciate, as I have never heard anyone else (besides me) try to explain what it means to "love the idea" of something. You know-like loving the "idea" of owning the All-Time American Favorite D-O-G.

I was recently having this very discussion with my middle daughter. When she "oohs" and "aahs" over an adorable puppy. I have to remind her of our family's countless stories of "why we should not be pet owners".

Like the Jack Russell "terror" we once had that turned our solid-wood front door into sawdust, AND chewed a hole in one of our couches that was big enough to stuff him into (NO I didn't do it-I could just see in my mind's eye that he would fit-ok?). Yes, the same d-o-g that ate the cedar fence boards so he could see the neighbors dogs. OH-Then there's the day he feasted upon (not chewed-but rather consumed) my new lambskin leather jacket. That completely explained why he kept drinking out of our guests' water glasses!

I know, I know. My experience is surely an exception; an extreme case. Every real American family should have a dog for a pet, right? At least one that fits perfectly into the "idea" of what it means to have one. You know-Man's best friend, loyal, faithful, obedient, fetches your slippers and the Sunday newspaper...something replicating our fondest memories of "Lassie-Come Home".

Yes--every time I see a cute puppy, I really "love the idea" of having one.

bridget said...

Naphtali--I love your blog. So fun. Yes, Anthony LOVES baseball but not as much as he LOVES you LOL. Talk about a win-win situation for him!!Even tho I don't eat hot dogs, that one sure looked delicious! Next time you see "Marge" tell her your mother-in-law says hi. They looked adorable.
Love you

Jmae said...

Oh yes I understand the "love of the idea". It's the love for the sentiment and the 'right thing to do' of the event or item. I'm so glad that you guys are able to get out and enjoy yourselves as newly-weds! I too end up enjoying going to events I may not prefer-simply because I love to see Alan get overjoyed! ;) Marge and Harold-oh yes! haha They are. Who knows-you to may one day be Marge in Seattle 50 years from now!

JML said...

Well, I did what you asked me to, and this is what people are going to get when they follow the link? GOOD! There are so many "ideas of things" that I love, but when you get there, you're like...yeah. I know that a lot of people aren't going to get the "idea" of anything, I think that you need to elaborate on that soon. It has the potential to be incredibly funny!

naphtali said...

Oh brenda - you TRULY do get it!! The idea of a "family dog". haha - a perfect example indeed! and wow..what an experience you shared!

naphtali said...

hi bridget! thanks for stopping by! next time I see marge, I'll pass along the message. Man, Anthony was great last happy to be at the ball park. What a blast!

naphtali said... coined it best: "the love of the sentiment". EXACTLY! and oh how I'd love to be Marge. She was simply adorable!

naphtali said...

jake - you're so right. it is the perfect subject to be completely funny. maybe i'll have to elaborate. hmm.

Willow said...


I totally get the "idea" too....I really do! But I, like Anthony, love the game of baseball. So, I guess that I have the best of both worlds in this particular situation :)

Love you!!

naphtali said...

haha - yes willow! you and anthony are definitely similar in that way. luckily i love the "idea" of it so much, that i have just a great of time! the four of us will be perfect partners to frequent games!!

SimplyGrove said...

Looks so fun Tal!! You are such a good writer!


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