03 July 2009

{DIY update}

Well, I did it. My version anyway. I wanted to go with the whole frame mimic THIS, but had all of these materials hanging around. And, in effort to get this project done (at least for now) I thought I'd put everything together. I'm thinking of painting the embroidery hoop, but we'll see. The project was so fast, I even had time to make some more earings (see above). They hang proudly around my fave rosette earings from UO. Love how it looks - and once this drab wall is painted, I'm sure to love it even more.

Also - a little update on our 'plants'. Remember me talking about them HERE? Well,they've been repotted and are happy and healthy. The Boise sun did them some good. The tomato plant is even producing fruit. Yay!

Happy day!


Kathleen said...

I love the earring holder idea! It would also be fun for a little girls room and she could help with the project!

littlebyrd said...

Nice! This turned out wonderful. I like the idea of painting the frames...I would choose grey. Yay for homegrown tomatoes :)

down and out chic said...

i love this idea, great job!


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