09 July 2009

{do i need this, no. do i want this, yes.}

Blossom coasters - perfect for some added color!

Design House Stockholm Björk Rugs - Cause I can always use more rugs, especially in grey.

Ferm Living's Tea Towels - Do I really need to explain myself?

Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups - why not?!

Mechanical Scale with Clock - cause every kitchen needs a retro scale.

Carpet beater - cause it would make me feel a little more European. Actually I really do need this!

I'm particularly happy that it's Thursday. The weekend is in much need!


Tiarra said...

Love the cups, very cute.

SimplyGrove said...

Sure you do!!!! Get it all!!

Mrs.French said...

get out! great minds think alike! I love everything you have here! xo t


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