20 July 2009

{monday inspires....}


I have this friend {Krystal}....well, she's more than a friend really. Our first {real} conversation consisted of her telling me, that "I was a mystery". Ha! Me?! :) Perhaps I do have trouble disclosing my whole life. That sentence though, was the start of a wonderful friendship. Several years later, we became roommates {I'm sure all mystery was out the door by then}. A year and a half after that, I was the maid of honor in her wedding and fell for the Best Man. And, yes, a year a half later, I married the "best man"!

Krystal is an inspiration to so many people! She has the most unique ability to recognize need, and serve; to pay attention to details, and give accordingly; to find laughter in everything. I've learned so much from her, one of which includes stopping and paying attention to obviously funny things, that are often over looked. A while back, Krystal started a blog, Pic Your Words. The blog is updated sporadically as her life is crazy with work, school, serving others and being an incredible wife, but it's still a joy to visit. This last weekend, I took another look and laughed again at the comedy. Here's a taste....

{How am I supposed to wear this?}

{Now we just need a blanket!}

{Rebellious bird}

{A penny saved is a penny earned.}

{The Soda Conspiracy}

Thanks for the laugh Krystal.

Whether it be a friend, coworker, film, picture or a random set of events, I hope you are inspired by laughter today!

Happy Monday!!

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annechovie said...


ParisBreakfasts said...

Hysterical! ! ! ! :)

jmae3 said...

haha This is TOO funny! Yes Krystal is great for humor and really all other things!

[J] said...

She's hilarious!
I actually laughed out loud at that bird!

down and out chic said...

haha, i got a good laugh, especially with those picnic supplies. too funny but hey, gotta be prepared right?

Krystal said...

Ah Ebs, je t'aime!
Thanks for the "shout out" :)
What did I do to desearve all this praise!?! :)

I will make sure to keep this blog fresh- in case you ever need to visit!

Great "Monday Inspires..."
Keep it going! I love it!

A World in a PAN said...

Inspired? Today and everyday - at least I try ... Inspired by laughter? certainly when I read your post!

me. said...

hahaha...loving this. !


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