07 July 2009

{what a girl wants}

As you {may} know, we recently moved. This has struck a 'create / decor / organize' nerve in me. I'm anxious to get painting. After finding a couple of colors and splashing them around our little space, we may have found the paint. But, on to more depth. What I really wallpaper! I know, right?! Crazy. Hello....we rent. One could say, "It's not happening. Be happy that you can paint". But, I personally don't like that answer.

Last week, I scouted out contact paper, thinking I could make a temporary solution. All I want to know, is where was I when the Tempaper buzz was going around?! Apparently not within ear shot. Fear not though, I stumbled upon this ideal solution (particularly for renters). Tempaper offers a variety of removable / temporary paper (thus the name)!!!! Yay for us. I saw some other temporary papers from a few locations, but not nearly the stock options.

I'm seeing some design in my near future. Hmm. Though the selection is limited, I will not push my luck any further and will be happy with the choices.

What do you think?! Should we be so daring?


down and out chic said...

it's temporary, right? why not be so bold? you can always take it down if you don't like it.

[J] said...

Go for it!
I never knew about this so thank you...although I have to agree with you that the choices don't thrill me but whatever!


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