27 July 2009

{monday inspires...}


I'm always quite amazed at the never ending creativity found in others. People sincerely amaze me. I always seem to have about 3-5 projects going on, which is fun for "mixing things up", but not so much if I need to get things done. {Miss procrastinator here.} Either way, on top of what I'm interested in...these DIY kits/ideas have also caught my eye. UO always seems to come through, in the fun/funky DIY department.

{Carving Stamp Kit}

{Red baron - perfect for block printing and distributing ink}

{Screenprinting kit} -- this is what I really want to try out.

{Printmasters Press -- do I really need to explain why?!}

Happy Monday! Be inspired by all that you create today {or think about creating}.


Willow said...

You are so creative! WOW. I love that about you!

SimplyGrove said...

Fun stuff to try!!!!

A World in a PAN said...

Fun fun fun! I have a friend who signs her mail (yes, she writes!) with a bee stamp. Very cute!


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