17 July 2009

{a craving for lunch}

I love tarts {as you know}. Fillings can be sweet or savory - they are all good. And, especially perfect for the summer {if made light}. It has been nearly a year, since I reminisced on a delicious memory in France...specifically Normandie. And today, the craving hit me again. I am craving a "lunch tart". Perfect flavors consisting of tomatoes and Swiss with a hint of Dijon, sitting in a delicate and flaky crust. Yes that's what I crave! Hmm...

Here's what I did last time....

I made some pate brisee.....but, maybe this weekend I'll use my other crust recipe!

Then added some {good} dijon!

Followed that with some Swiss, Tomatoes, Basil {cause I like the basil baked in...though keep some for fresh garnishing} and Parmesan.

Add my favorite plate! This French vintage beauty was passed down to my from my lovely and thoughtful maman {mom}!

After baking on 350 for about 35 minutes.....


Guess I know what Mister is getting for his next meal. ;)

Happy weekend Lovelies!


down and out chic said...

oh so yummy looking- this is a great idea for a meal. i might have to steal it:)

A World in a PAN said...

Ideal for summer! It looks like the "tarte et salade" served in some Paris cafes.


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