02 July 2009

{leaving on a jet plane}

I just dropped Mister off at the airport. The last time he got on a plane was to go far, far away from me for a very long time. The memories flooded back this morning when saying au revoir. Luckily for this trip (and for his/my sake), he'll just be in Texas...having the time of his life! If I squint hard enough, I may see his plane take off in a bit.

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday! I plan on working and then heading to get some supplies to make some more jewelry.


{rodney smith}


Lachesis Looms said...

Anthony must be going to visit his bro...hope he has fun!

[J] said...

Aww...I hope he comes home soon!

down and out chic said...

i'm glad he's not going too far away and that he'll be back soon. i wish him safe travels.

annechovie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Naphtali! Have a very Happy 4th!


Fab photo for this sweet post...he'll be back safely before you know it! Lovely weekend ,beautiful!


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