11 June 2009


...I'm not the best with plants. Don't get me wrong - I love plants (and yes, I've been known to name them). I would like to say that I'm incredible with them, but I need a little help. Currently I have two that I'm pooring myself over: a rose plant (that needs to be re-potted) and a tomato plant (that needs to be transfered, as well). I've been so busy, but they really are doing so good that I decided this morning, I have no choice but to take them with us! Now, this may seem strange to you, but we're going to be gone for nearly 10 days. Since our recent move, we don't know people around us, and in all honesty our closest neighbor is an elderly lady which doesn't come out much. (That being said, she'd probably whip my little plants in shape and have them growing in no time.) Either way...they're hitting the road with us. I've cleared a nice spot in the back for them. I think Oma and Maud will enjoy the little trip and some Boise sun. ;)

{photo via cori kindred}


Krissy said...

too funny! i have to tell you, i have a BLACK thumb. I really try to grow plants, but it seems the only things that like me are herbs. basil, mint, rosemary all seem to flourish under my black thumb.

this year my mother-in-law gave me an "earthbox" in which i planted tomatoes. they are growing like crazy and i have no idea what i'm going to do if all the green tomatoes don't ripen... i'll let you know how it goes, because it sounds like the "earthbox" might be for you too :)

have a fun trip.

Shana said...

Oh my are taking plants on a road trip! Too funny!

down and out chic said...

you think you're bad with plants?! i make them shrivel up and die by just looking at them. i consider it a talent.

Willow said...

This cracks me up! The fact that you took them with you is hysterical. I could have come over to take care of them. But let me tell you...they don't like me. They love Scott. What is it? I watch Scott and try to copy him, but they know the difference...haha!!

Good for you!

Kwana said...

That's funny. Shows you care very much. Have fun on your trip.

littlebyrd said...

lol! That is cute. I am terrible with plants. Lucky for me my husband isn't ;)

jmae3 said...

OMG I'm dying with laughter! I'm so proud of you for baring such an intimate part of your cooky side haha...Glad they are doing well!


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