10 July 2009

{weekend plans | seattle bucket list}

Sometimes I fear that we may have to move from here, without really experiencing "here". I'm a planner, but coincidentally, sometimes act as if time will stand still. "I can always plan to visit places another time." Life has taught me, however, that change is inevitable. And, being a military wife has taught me that change is quick. We love where we live (and who knows, maybe we'll stay here a long time), but in order to take advantage of this gorgeous place, I've created a Seattle Bucket List. Some of things I've done, and I want to continue to experience them; others, will be a new treat.

To commence this new {active} venture, Mister and I are going to enjoy all of the events leading up to Seafair. This weekend is full of activities in and around Seattle. Here are a few we hope to visit!

Pirates landing on Alki

Milk Carton Derby on Green Lake

{and in gearing up for Bastille Day....}

Do you have any plans this weekend?!

{Seafair photos via here; Bastille Day photos via here}


Willow said...

Hopefully with you!

Shana said...

I miss Seafair! It used to be my favorite weekend in Seattle. I LOVE watching the Blue Angels. One year we watched the hydro races from a yacht on the log boom. Another year we BUILT a milk-carton boat and raced it! Fun times!

Our plans this weekend all revolve around triathlon prep. Oh, and VBX.

Lachesis Looms said...

This sounds like a pretty fun-filled weekend. Have a great time...Bastille Day Celebration...seems like Seattle is just the place for you, sis!


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