22 July 2009

{daydream: casa angelina}

I think today would be the perfect day to sneak away. Never mind work and life responsibilities. I could sneak out when someone turns their head or closes their eyes for a seasonal sneeze. {And pouf, she's gone!} I've been whisked away to a far away land. It's so beautiful that it feels like a dream.

When I open my eyes, I am greeted by a whimsical canopy of weightless linens.

I take a deep breath. When I finally step out of bed my eyes fill with delight as I see the view. Yes, it's true - I'm overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Stepping outside, I'm immediately overcome with the pure morning air. Even my coffee tastes better here.

I think I'll curl up on this ghost couch and marvel at the wonders of Elizabeth, because truly, a dose of Pride & Prejudice is the perfect compliment to a lazy afternoon.

Mmmm....a bubble bath with the a magnificent view of the sunset.

What a perfect day. Happy dreaming to you!

{inspiration via here}


Krissy said...

that bedroom is so dreamy! wow.

littlebyrd said...

That picture with the cliff did it for me! Wow! It looks so very good.

annechovie said...

Looks like a dream to me! Beautiful.

A World in a PAN said...

Is that a dream ... or is it for real?


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