16 April 2010

{under $20 fave}

I've mentioned this BEFORE, I have a lot of favorite kitchen items.  Lately, I've been very happy for my Pampered Chef Garlic Press!  {I think it's so funny how I find such joy in something, such as a salad spinner or garlic press....} I love fresh garlic, but am not a fan of mincing and stinking up my fingers.  This press does it all: put it in whole and it will peel, crush and mince.  Love it {and it's under $20}!!

Do you have any favorite kitchen items?

Interested in purchasing? Click below!

1 comment:

Willow said...

Ok...this is great. I hear that it's awesome for baby food. It's a quick and easy puree utensil. Does that sound reasonable?


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