20 April 2010

{meerkat love}

So, not to sound like a crazy, but Mister and I have a thing for Meerkats. We got hooked on the show: Meerkat Manor.  Then after relocating, we heard that they would be touring at our local zoo.  So...we had to go.  They're so funny and small.  Here's a quick pic I snapped with my phone. Haha. How funny are they?!

Anyway, I was was pleasently surprised when I was looking on Esty and found this Meerkat Planner (guess I'm not the only one out there who's facinated with these little guys...)!

Have any of you ever seen that show?


Willow said...

Are you kidding? Scott and I are huge fans of Meerkat Manor. We've watched the show from day one and love those little guys. How funny that you watch it too!!! vie said...

W!! How have we never talked about that?! haha. They're so cute... Ha!

~Ivy~ said...

I haven't seen it. I have a tender spot for all woodland creatures myself.... lately birds and hedgehogs :)

Cheers~Ivy vie said...

Ivy - you would be hooked!! Try to check it out, if you get the opportunity!

Lachesis Looms said...

Oh mY; how cute! Did you buy the planner????


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