02 April 2010

{the perfect picnic spot...}

I'm not generally one to love the outdoors.  Don't get me wrong - I love looking at the outdoors, I just don't love 'experiencing' them.  That being said, this afternoon I had a specific desire....imagine: Mister and I hand-in-hand, walking barefoot with soft green grass under our feet.  Soon we'd happen upon a perfect spot (sunny with the perfect tree ballooning over - offering shade). We'd fold out the plaid blanket, set up a picnic and face the rippling water. Lovely...

Well, that's impossible here.  Impossible!  I was reminded of this immediately as I looked outside.  Our front yard is covered in rock and our back yard....DUST.  Does our new city even have a park?!  I know that there's no lake that we could day-dream by, but is there even a park?  (Well, of course there's a park, Naphtali. What do you think?) The question there a GREEN park?  Soft green grass?  NO.  The answer is no. Then, in a moment of brilliance, I suggested that Mister and I go to the golf course and imagine the day away - but he was quick to let me know....that...."the course in not green".  (Is that even legal?  Isn't that a rule or something?  Not a green golf course...?)

Hmm...what to do? I know I should care about the fact that there is a lack of water in this city.  And...with a lack of water, comes a myriad of usage rules, I said...I had a dream for this afternoon.  *Sigh*

I wonder if the house on the corner, with the 6 feet of glorious (and obvious code- violating) green grass would freak out if I set up a picnic there?

Well, here goes nothing....

{Happy Friday to you all!}


J said...

Oh, my. I can't even imagine. Maybe you should uproot some of their grass and accidentally place it in your yard?
Ya, right huh?
I guess it's a good thing you're not much for the outdoors and that you also happen to be a wonderful cook!

Kathleen said...

Ask Susanna what she really thinks of green grass. Seriously, she will give you an ear full, and you will be glad you don't have any! :) (Really, it is an interesting conversation!) That being said,imagining is your safest bet, rather than trying out the neighbor's lawn! I remember when our friends first moved to the region, and while driving through the city, they spotted what they thought was a lake, Ah, the perfect fishing hole. Turned out it was a mirage, a reflection off the roof of a building!!Bummer! Picnics, however, can happen any time, any place, and knowing you, you will come up with a creative idea for one!

Willow said...

This is really well-written and hysterical. I read it out loud to Scott and we were both crackin' up!! I can totally see you being excited about the green golf course and A explaining that there is no green!!!! Love it :)


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