03 April 2010

{happy easter}

Perhaps it's too obvious, but when I'm looking for some food ideas...especially around go-to is Martha Stewart.  Let's be honest, she's owns the market on creativity.  Don't worry though - I like to highlight many other creative sources too.  But, becuase I love these ideas, I just had to share!

{Here's a on the title and you'll be taken to the instructions.}

Chocolate Eggs

Carrot Cheescake

Spring Cupcakes with Sugared flowers

and for the kids....
Spring Chick Cakes

Whatever you make this Easter weekend, make it beautiful!

Have a blessed Easter!!


tinypaperheart said...

these are so cute!! especially love the chocolate eggs! :)

naphtali said...

Thanks! (Well, thank you Martha Stewart....haha).

Erre54 said...

they must be so so good
Buona pasqua from Italia

naphtali said...

Merci, Erra54! Buona pasqua to you, as well. :)

jmae3 said...

I made Martha's Marbled Lemon Tart w Sage Cornmeal Crust! Uhh except I had to transport it before it set and when my brother tried to 'help' he tipped it sideways to pull it out of the box lol...UGh half of it poured right out! But it was still pretty tasty!


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