18 April 2010

{à table: à la mexican}

I didn't do much cooking this past week.  Mister was gone and really, what I was to do with all the food? But when he walked in the door late Friday, he was glad that I was ready to start creating! Saturday I had fun trying a bunch of new recipes and variations on some faves.  It was dinner à la mexican.  I knew that Mister would be happy as it's his favorite food to eat. 

We love tacos.  Sometimes I make them "American-style" with lettuce and all the trimmings, but lately have been inspired by what we find here in "almost-Mexico".  We didn't have any carne asada (Mister's favorite), but the ground beef was perfectly dressed with grilled onions, tomatoes, fresh avocado and of course cilantro.  Add some fresh radishes on the side, and the meal is satisfying!  As I was in the mood to create, I made up some homemade stuffed jalapenos (a recipe that I learned a few weeks ago when visiting friends for Easter) and a vegan bean dip.  YUM!

à table !

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We are taking ours quite easy as poor Mister walked over 40 miles in less than a three day period just before coming home.  He's stuffing his belly and resting up for the week ahead.  Even though we're pretty much house-bound, it's been an awesome couple of days. 

Do you have anything going on this weekend?!

Enjoy today, Lovelies!!


Willow said...

That food looks so divine. It doesn't seem like the "heavy American-style" Mexican food. It looks light and refreshing. Can you ship some to NOW!!! HAHA. L and M you :)

Becs said...

That looks delicious!

J said...

Looks like all your moving might really inspire new meals? Maybe you should write a cook book with meals inspired by all the different cities you've experienced. :)

jmae3 said...

And now I'm freakin starving at 1:30 AM! Shame on this post haha....
Jenn's idea is great-do it!


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