13 April 2010

{perfect writing desk}

My dear Mister is out in the field training....again.  So, what have I been up to? Shopping online or 'screen' shopping, rather.  {Would 'screen' shopping be the equivalent to 'window' shopping? Well, I guess for my purposes, it is.}  

Since moving into our new place, I have been looking for some key pieces {and by key pieces, I'm specifically talking about a small desk}.  Mister and I have searched and searched, but I haven't been satisfied....that is...until now!  I just found the perfect writing desk (though a too much $$ - ugh!).  Either way, I fell in love with this Etsy perfection.

Hope you are having a lovely week!


izzyg said...

Oooo - i LOVE it.
When ry and I moved into our place i was also on the hunt for the perfect small desk- found ours on craigslist after much hunting. I think you should go for it!

J said...

Yikes, that is steep. Keep looking Naphtali, the perfect piece is out there! And for less than $500 too. :)

jmae3 said...

Oh that desk is a dream! I wish I'd known! I have an adorable thin writing desk, curvy, has a small top w cubbies, narrow drawer along the front...If you ever drive up you can have it!!! I just use it for my sewing desk-but it's MUCH too small for this...I'll FB a pic one of these days for you! ;)

abigail said...

oh, I love it! it's perfect. vie said...

Jamie - How I would love that!!! I'll be there in June (though w/out a car). This photo is much to much...Alas, I'll keep on looking (but the craigslist here, leaves much to be desired)!


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